5 Awesome Ways to Get in Contact with Wageningen University

By: Õnne Kask · 6 February 2019
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Applying to a university can bring up a lot of questions. Is Wageningen the right place for me? What’s the student life like? Where can I live? Is my background relevant to the programme? Is this the right study for me? What can I expect from my first year? And the list can go on and on and on.. Luckily for you there are so many possibilities to have all your questions answered through personal contact with WUR. Doesn’t matter if you live close enough to come visit WUR for a day or are only able to reach out online, there’s certainly something for you. Scroll down to find out about different possibilities!


Skype chat – the quickest way to have your questions answered

Every Monday from 17.30 – 18.30 and Wednesday 8.30 – 9.30 myself or my colleague are online and ready to chat with you. We do our ultimate best to answer all concerns and questions you might have about the application process, life in Wageningen, student housing, the university as a whole, etc. I am a student myself so can give you the best inside information about studying at WUR. If you fancy a chat, just fill in this form and I’ll make sure to get back with your request as soon as possible.



Message a student coach – best scoop about your MSc programme

A student coach is a current student in the programme you’re interested in. She or he can give you the best scoop about the different specialisations and courses. And also, all about different thesis topics and internship possibilities, where students are from and so on. That’s a perfect person to contact if you have very in-depth questions. You can use the contact form on your programme website to get in touch, and you can find an overview of all coaches here.


Open Day (on campus or online) – get a real feel of Wageningen University

An on campus Open Day takes places twice a year. Once in December and once in April. This is a perfect opportunity to come and see the campus, the city and all that comes with it with your own eyes. During the evening, you can visit presentations of two MSc programmes of your choice and chat with professors and current students. You can also ask the admissions office any questions about how to apply and if your background is relevant. Some programmes even offer afternoon programmes for you to get an even better look into the study.


Now if you live far away or cannot visit us for any reason on the set dates, join the Online Open Day instead. During the day you can join in on various online sessions about different courses, but also general information sessions. Through the online platform you can ask all your questions and you’ll get an answer right away. You can also chat with our staff and take a virtual tour of the campus.


Student for a day – experience what it really means to study at WUR

This is your chance to become a student for one day. You simply have to choose a programme you’re interested in and let us know you want to visit. The student coach will then arrange a date with you and welcome you on campus as agreed upon. You follow the student along during her full day with a lecture in the morning, lunch, group work or lab work in the afternoon, or anything else that is scheduled on that day or what she has planned for the day. It’s truly a great way to really get a feeling of what a programme you’re interested in includes and what you expect once you start.



Find a WUR representative in your own country

It might as well be that the country you’re from has a WUR representative. That’s often a former WUR student and is now helping out any potential students with any information you might need. It’s an excellent possibility to hear the experience of someone who is from a same country as you and can help you also with finding scholarships for example. You can find our list of representatives here.


Alright, so that’s already quite a list and that’s not all. Of course, you’re always welcome to email us via students@wur.nlor even just leave a comment with your question below. Also, if you end up using any of the possibilities above, let ua know what you though of it. That’s it for now and I cannot wait to chat with you on Skype or meet you on campus soon!

Õnne Kask

Õnne Kask

I'm a Master student in Landscape Architecture & Planning, specialising in Land-Use Planning. I come from Estonia, but have lived in the Netherlands for more than five years as I also did my Bachelor in the south of the country. Since I've been an international student on the Dutch grounds for a while, I hope to give you good insights on what it's like to study at the WUR and in the Netherlands in general.

There are 6 comments.

  1. By: Seta Raynova · 18-03-2019 at 15:41

    Hello Õnne Kask,
    since the form was adapted only for MSc and I’m going to study my Bachelor in Wageni gen, I decided to ask in the comments.
    Are there language courses in the university?
    Should I buy certain students books or do I simply borrow them from the library?

    1. Õnne Kask
      By: Õnne Kask · 19-03-2019 at 11:49

      Hi Seta!
      Yes, you can take basic language courses at WUR next to your studies. Dutch courses are for free at the moment.
      As for books, it is depending on the course. You can wait until the course starts and then get the books that you need from our study store.
      Best, Onne

  2. By: Carolina · 04-04-2019 at 00:14

    Hi, where can I contact future international bachelor students?

    1. Õnne Kask
      By: Õnne Kask · 05-04-2019 at 10:34

      Hi Carolina! We cannot share information of other students. However, you can post a message via FB to see if you can find someone. Our students use the FB page Wageningen Student Plaza.

  3. By: Evrim · 11-04-2019 at 22:53

    Hi, I will be at NIOO-KNAW for internship in this summer. I watched your video on youtube. What should ı do for housing?

    1. Õnne Kask
      By: Õnne Kask · 30-04-2019 at 12:40

      Hi Evrim!
      Hmm, I’m not sure, since it’s temporary. Best chance I’d say is “Wageningen Student Plaza” Facebook group where students might subrent their rooms for the summer.
      Best, Onne

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