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Worried about your mailbox while staying abroad? (Written by: Isnawati Hidayah)

By Ester

I grew up on the Catalan Pyrenees, where my heart belongs. I...

Are you doing your fieldwork in outside your city or even aboard? Are you worry about your mailbox? 

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My friend has an experience when she is applying for a housing subsidy and waiting for the confirmation letter. However, she has been traveling for three months to another country for finishing her internship. She might be worried as she can not regularly check her mailbox just in case there is some crucial postal mail related to her subsidy application.

I suggest her to install Berichtenbox apps on her smartphone.

What the reason such an app is helpful? Berichtenbox is an online letterbox that stays on our smartphone. She just needs to take her smartphone and access her postal mail digitally from the Tax Authorities, Land Registry, RDW, SVB, UWV, and the municipality wherever and wherever she is.

If she has no time to check regularly her Berichtenbox apps, she can set notifications in her email just in case she got new mail.


In this digital era, using gadgets to access her postal mail is more convenience. Why?

She is no need to worry that her mail will be sent to an incorrect address or even she is being late to receive her mail due to technical issues or human error. As she also gets the mail in digital versions.

Moreover, she can access her digital postal mail sooner than hard file versions which sent via Post to her address. It makes her sure that she received her postal mail and notifications from government agencies just in time.


Another story comes from my classmates, he is living in a student housing where he has 10 persons in his corridor and only has one mailbox. There is a possibility when his postal mail just mixed with his corridor mates mails. Sometimes, he does not know or even aware that he gets new postal mail.

It makes him upset when he receives his mails, yet not in time. Then, I also suggest him to use this app. It makes him happy as he can receive the digital versions of his postal mails while he could not find our hard copy versions.


It is their first time to use this app, I tell them that it is super easy to install this app. To install berichtenbox in their smartphone, they just need to go to Plays Store, search for “Berichtenbox” apps then install it. After that, they need to prepare her BSN number, Digid username, and Digid password before logging in to the Berichtenbox. Then, I ask them to follow these steps:

  • Go to https://mijn.overheid.nl/
  • Enter DigiD username and password and click on Login.
  • Do not forget to enter the SMS code (if necessary), then click on (note: you will no longer receive paper mail from these organizations) and click on Next.
  • Go to ‘Inbox’. Check and read your mail.

There is a way to log in easier to her apps which is by setting 5 digit numbers as their pin code in the apps, then login to her account.


Have you installed it? I am so glad to share this information to you.

Premalink: https://weblog.wur.eu/international-students/berichtenbox-your-online-letterbox/



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Written by :

Isnawati HIdayah

(Master of International Development)

By Ester

I grew up on the Catalan Pyrenees, where my heart belongs. I am currently enrolled on the MSc Food Technology program at Wageningen.
I could describe myself as a sunrise person underneath the restless and ever moving mind. I love running in the mountains, surrounded by nature and its beauty. I am passionate about learning, cooking, traveling and collecting plants to make handmade jewelry.

I live everyday as a new exploring adventure, step by step.

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