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Master’s Student in International Development Studies: Part II-Courses from My Specialization

By Siti Widyastuti Noor

Hi! I am an Indonesian student at Wageningen University & Re...

I am going to share my experience studying in International Development program.

This is a full-time Master program, with two years study period. Studying this program in Wageningen is intense, but, exciting at the same time. I have shared several memorable experiences, and now I will focus on sharing my experience following courses in my specialization.


In International Development Studies program, there are four different specializations, which are Sociology of Development, Economics of Development, Politics and Governance of Development, and Inclusive Innovation, Communication, and Development. When I chose a specialization, there are several compulsory specialization courses that I need to follow.


As I follow courses from my specialization, I learn theories, and I also learned the application of theories. I choose Politics and Governance of Development specialization. Being in this specialization. has made me familiar with difference themes; such as natural resources conflict, human rights issues, dynamics and powers of public and private actors in governing. What I like about courses in my specialization is that several courses offer simulations, so students can learn to apply the theories and learn several soft skills such as negotiation and communication.


One of the courses that I followed last year was “Theories on Politics and Governance”. In this course, I learned several concepts and theories. At the end of the course, I need to be able to link the theories with the current issues in development, in the essay submission. This course also had several tutorials where students can learn to debate or work and discuss in the group.


Another course that I followed was ‘‘Politics, Policy-Making and Accountability in International Arenas for Development’’, or people in my specialization usually know this course as “Arena Course”.

I think this course is very unique.

I got opportunities to learn from lectures, writing essays, and tutorials. In the tutorials, we had simulation games where the student will be given a role, such as a representative of the government, NGOs, or private actors. During the tutorial, we played a simulation, such as being the country representative in the UN-level meeting and negotiate like the real policy actors. From the simulation, I learned the difficulties and complexities to create a policy outcome.


In my second year, I assisted the course as student examiner. This course usually looks for former students to help as a student assistant or student examiners. As student examiners, I observe how the students play the simulation and give feedback for them. I really enjoyed being back in this course again, as the observer. Here, I learned to give constructive feedback and also being critical.


So, this was my experience from taking several courses in my program. All information about the courses can be found in the WUR Website.


If you have questions about my personal experience, feel free to leave a comment!!

By Siti Widyastuti Noor

Hi! I am an Indonesian student at Wageningen University & Research, pursuing my Master's degree in International Development with a specialization in Politics and Governance of Development. I really enjoy living in Wageningen and I will share my experience of studying here, I hope every reader will enjoy my posts

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    I had been very interested in pursuing this course for a very long time but I will come to pass surely

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