Graduated!!! What Next? – Life after a Master’s degree by Shriya

By Luisa Fernanda

First things first: CONGRATULATIONS!! You have graduated and it is a big deal. The goal that was set a couple of years ago is now successfully fulfilled 😀 But wait, graduating in 2020 was a different experience wasn’t it? Interesting, to say the least. In the same breath with the “Congratulations” comes another question: “So what next?”

As a recently graduated student, this blog will hopefully give you some useful tips and the positivity to keep moving forward.

After completing my internship, I suddenly had the entire day ahead of me. An empty calendar :O (for the first time in 2 years :P) All of the 24 hours were mine to do whatever I want!. This excitement for a break though died rather quickly. I craved for a project, something to work on!. That is when it hit me, I can prepare and equip myself for whenever companies start hiring
again. After spending months trying to decode the mystery of ‘how to get a job’, I share with you today what I have learnt,


  • CV and Motivation letter

These two documents are KEY when it comes to you landing a job, especially if you apply for them digitally.

Refine and customise both these documents depending on the requirement of the vacancy. Most companies use an ATS (Application tracking system) to filter eligible candidates. The fate of your application relies on the gist that this program gathers and matches with the criteria as mentioned by the company.

It is possible that CV’s with impeccable language and a fancy format do not align with the way the ATS is programmed. The result? – Rejection!. Use simple language and a straightforward format to eliminate this possibility. Highlight your main achievements and skills but keep in mind the country/market you apply to.

You can check out the following links and channels that have helped me a lot.


  • LinkedIn Profile

Update your LinkedIn profile, mention your skills, your latest achievements and stay active.

Most companies do a LinkedIn profile check while processing your application and having a complete profile will definitely help.

With many platforms shifting online, vacancies and offers are not just posted via LinkedIn Jobs but also as regular posts. You will also come across several individuals sharing their experience and mention tips that could be of use to you.


  • Building your Network

As I mentioned before, standing between you and your new job is the ATS. What if there was a way around it? HUMAN RESOURCES!. Do your research and find relevant people on LinkedIn (HR, managers, specialists etc). Drop them a message or a connection request. It is these employees that can give you an insight into the company environment and their experience.

You now have the tools to decide whether a company is a right fit for you. Most people encourage fresh graduates and entertain your questions (This at least has been my experience)

Pro tip:

There are also several cases where you receive no lead or response. Don’t be disheartened! It’s part and parcel of the process, DO NOT STOP. Keep going!

Companies often have internal positions that are not advertised. If you play your cards right and fit the bill (Of course!), you may find a new opportunity. You may also come across people whose career trajectory interests you. Tips you get from them to succeed may prove useful in the future. “The more you give, the more you get” is the mantra for this point.


  • Ask for help :

Do not leave any stone unturned. By this I mean, other than LinkedIn several recruiters are at your disposal. Sign up or contact the ones relevant to your field to increase your chances of landing a job. WUR has a student career services cell that has representatives helping students and graduates in finding opportunities. Here is their website :

The following link has several leads to help students and graduates :

There is no denying that finding a job is a daunting task. Add to it the current challenges and it feels like a never-ending nightmare.

Think of it this way, the challenges you face today will help you value whatever opportunity you get next in life. Hang in there and remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

As for me, I am still in the process of finding a great opportunity and can’t wait for what comes next! 😀 If you are in a similar situation and have any additional tips for me, please comment below!


Post was written by Shriya

By Luisa Fernanda

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