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How parents can help their child with choosing a study

By Luisa Fernanda

By guest blogger Hermine Miltenburg – Parent information officer

Choosing a study programme is never easy. However, that has been complicated even further now that all the study-selection activities have been moved online due to Covid-19. I have been advising parents for years but see that this year it’s extra challenging. Especially when your child wants to study abroad.

Selecting the right programme is essential. Research shows that the success of a study rests on a carefully made choice of programme. Of course, pre-university school results and studying skills are relevant too. Still, a well-motivated choice is the primary factor of success in studying. Motivation is the students’ driving force, more so than ever in times of corona.

Information for parents: How to support your child

Wageningen University & Research values support from parents. There are several sources of information available to parents that provide tips and describe the various stages in the process of selecting a study. Next week I will be answering questions online during the Bachelor’s Open Day. You can join this Zoom session on 20 March at 16:00h (GMT+1). Just visit ood.wur.nl at that time and ask your questions. Parents don’t have to pre-register.

Parents’ help is enlisted in making a sound choice in times of corona

Many prospective students discuss their options with their parents, now more than ever. They share their doubts, ask parents to help compare different programmes and assess the quality of the courses. And, most of all, they ask you whether you think the programme suits them.

Of course, the youngsters want to make their own choice, and parents want their child to make a well-considered choice. But how do you support your child? As a parent, you may not have attended university yourself or chosen a completely different path in your education. Moreover, the current curricula are very different from those offered 25 years ago.

Do you have a question that you want to ask me?

There are many questions that parents ask, about studying, tuition fees, a break year and choosing a programme. On the WUR website, there is also a page with information for parents. You can find more articles in English and useful links to several programmes.

But, you can also ask me questions directly. I am eager to help you in making the perfect choice for your child. The Open Day on 20 March is an ideal opportunity to ask questions.

Hermien Miltenburg
Parent information officer

By Luisa Fernanda

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  1. By: Alemu Lamessa Teshale · 27-03-2021 at 08:13

    I am intersted for this chance I have been advising parents for years but see that this year it’s extra challenging. Especially when your child wants to study abroad.

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