Studying in Wageningen in times of Covid-19

By: Alejandra Latorre · 7 April 2021
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Hello everybody!

My name is Alejandra and I am an International Student from Bogotá, Colombia. Right now, I am doing my Master’s in Nutrition and Health. I started my Master’s in August 2020 and although I was able to take my two first periods on campus, at the moment I am doing online learning.

How do I study online?

A typical online learning day for me starts by going for a run around the agricultural fields outside Wageningen. When I get home, I usually make myself some breakfast and tea and connect to my first online lecture that begins at 10.00 in the morning. The live lectures take an hour and a half and during the classes, the teachers prepare presentations and videos. Some of them also organise live discussions where students can participate. It is a great way to keep students interested and engaged in the lectures!

Me outside of the Orion building at WUR

For some classes, I also have the chance to actually go to campus and prepare laboratory practicals. It is also possible to go to the university to study, however, you need to book a place”.

I live in a self-contained room in Haarweg which means that I do not share a corridor with other roommates. Even though sometimes it can get a bit boring and difficult to be in your room by yourself, it is also nice to be able to organise your own time and have the space to study. Besides, you can always plan dinners or biking trips with friends during your spare time.

My advice to you if you are starting your studies in Wageningen is to find a place where you can both study and feel at home. So, register to and start looking for different options.

Experiences from other  students at WUR during the pandemic:

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  1. By: Martha · essay about nature

    Thank you for sharing, i am also interested and very passionate about Nutrition and health.

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