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By Rabindra Ganapati V

If you are reading this blog, then either you are checking if WUR is the right university for you or you are a new international student at WUR finding its way. Yes, you are right! This is the right platform to get a more informal students’ perspective about the student life, study-leisure balance and all other things and experiences at WUR.

But there is also another platform where you get a more live experience and that is the YouTube channel: WURTube. While the blog platform catalyses your imagination about Wageningen University whilst making you prepared for the practical challenges. The YouTube channel on the other hand ensures you get a virtual experience of the university, the campus, courses and the study programmes.


The YouTube videos do not give an overview of the university alone, but also about almost all the study fields that are available at WUR. Something very nice about it is that all of the videos are not 15 minutes or 20 minutes long. They are generally very short, precise and to the point to ensure that you get the information you want as quick as possible.

Go and check out the videos on our YouTube channel. And if you don’t want to miss out on new videos, subscribe to WURtube!

By Rabindra Ganapati V

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