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Summer in Wageningen

By Frimpong

Summertime is a happy time

Coming to the Netherlands made me realise that people here treat a sunny day as if it is their last. People try to take advantage of every chance to enjoy the sun while it lasts. In this post, I’m going to walk you through how summer in Wageningen is like. If you opted to stay in Wageningen this summer and are looking for tips on what to do, read on. Being someone who will spend my summer “staycation” in Wageningen, I will also share with you some of my favourite ideas for having a pleasant moment in this period.

Explore Wageningen and its surroundings

First, I will start with connecting with nature in Wageningen. One of my favourite activities this season is tracking through the local forests. Cycling or walking through the forest or Arboretum in Wageningen is a pleasant way to relax and see the beauty of nature while enjoying the cool breeze. You can also join organised walking or cycling tours by Idealis, Thuis Wageningen, etc to explore Wageningen landscape. And of course, don’t forget to get your camera ready to capture cool sceneries.

A fun way to explore your surroundings is the hot-air balloon ride. While sailing with a hot-air balloon, you can view the landscape of Wageningen and its surroundings which will amaze you. The wind determines which part of the landscape you get to see. Take-off locations for the ride include Wageningen, Ede, and other cities.

A view from Hot-air balloon sail

Rhine beach Wageningen

A favourite spot for many in Wageningen in enjoying the summer is the Rhine beach. Summer appears to be the perfect time to dive into the Rhine. That said, you can still have a nice time at the Rhine even if you can’t swim. Through the rental services, you can also get hold of a boat and cruise on the river. The shore is also a perfect location for picnics.

Picnic at the Rhine

Another way to chill this season is to grab some ice cream from Cicuto. Eating at the Colours Restaurant is really nice too. They have a diverse student menu.

If you would be in Wageningen in August, I would certainly recommend that you engage in AID (Annual Introduction Days) activities even if you aren’t a first-year student. The AID is an occasion to learn, meet new people and have fun. Because I missed the real-life vibes of the AID (thanks to Covid restrictions) when I was starting my MSc, I’ve opted to take part as a mentor this year. You too can volunteer for student organisations or your study programme team during the AID.

Experience new things

Even if you would stay in Wageningen this summer, I reckon it is a great idea to explore other places in the Netherlands. Perhaps because of Covid measures or some other reasons, you’re not hopping on an airplane or going abroad for your vacation, your holidays can be adventurous in the Netherlands. Trust me, there’s plenty to see in the Netherlands. So, make it a point to explore exciting places in the Netherlands.

My top destinations this summer include Giethoorn. You might have heard of Venice, Italy. Giethoorn is the Dutch Venice. A trip to Giethoorn will still show you somewhere completely new. Instead of roads, the village only has canals. Tourists park their cars on the outskirts and either walk or use the boats to explore the village. I learned that the old buildings there make a journey there look like a trip to the medieval era.

Now that I told you how much fun you can have in your season, let me also add that this is a nice moment to learn Dutch or improve your language skills. Many language courses run this season.

Long story short, enjoy your summer holidays. The Netherlands is a cold country. So, get the most out of the warm summer. Have a good one.

By Frimpong

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