Annual Introduction Days, the perfect start

By Rabindra Ganapati V

If you ever thought of skipping the AID (Annual Introduction Days), then after all these highlights I guess you would have changed your mind without a second thought. In short, you cannot get a better start for your international study experience! Abroad studies are not just about academics, but it is a phase of new exploration and experience.

What is the AID?

If you think it is the usual orientation programme that most universities offer with just lectures and information handouts, then you are wrong. And don’t skip this! Then you will miss one of the best components of your international study experience.

The AID programme 2021

The AID is not just an event where you get to know about the university and the place. It is more than that. It is a fun-filled exciting experience fortified with the right amount of information about academics. I would say it is the perfect start to your international study experience.

Through the AID, you get the opportunity of getting life-long friends from completely different cultures. This event allows you to get accustomed and comfortable to the new culture you would be living in for at least the next years.

For more information about the AID programme and registration visit their website.

My AID experience

I like to share my experience of attending the AID. Fortunately, when I joined the AID the covid-19 was yet to see the light in this world. So we could enjoy a 7-day AID fest. Each day there was one topic to be addressed and explored. For example, one day we went to the city centre, one day to the sports centre, one day we got to know about the education system etc.

The various places visited had numerous events and games organised by the AID team. This way we learned about a place in Wageningen but could also bond with our fellow AID mates. The days ended with a lavish dinner, then some night parties. But it doesn’t stop here. After the parties, we hang out at our mentor’s place for an after-party.

We then used to have a short break for four to five hours then assemble again for the next day. This was the routine for one week. One thing which astonished me was the energy level my fellow AID mates had. I tried to keep up with them for the first three days, then I reached my threshold and stopped attending the parties. It was too much of a party for an introvert like me! Which was fine either way.

The AID is THE place where you get completely tired and exhausted just because of having fun! Of course, you do learn all the required things.

Shout out to the AID team

A high amount of effort and planning has been put into organising this huge event. The AID team plans everything right from designing the app to the website to organising games and people. Everything is done in a highly professional manner.

You do realise this during the event. When you enjoy the smooth functioning and the high-level planning. Therefore, the AID organisers and volunteers deserve a special mention.

Part of the AID team 2021

By Rabindra Ganapati V

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