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Annual Introduction Days (AID) 2022

By betony

As an international student starting at a new University, maybe in a country new to you,  I’m sure that one of your motivations for coming to WUR was to meet new people and explore new things. What better way to start your adventure here than by participating in the range of activities that the AID has to offer?

What is the AID?

The Annual Introduction days (or as we say in the UK  ‘freshers’ weeks) events, at some Universities, are poorly run. This leaves you feeling disappointed and like you have wasted your money. That was the situation for me at least. Additionally, I was still unsure if I had housing so I didn’t bother signing up for the AID. I should point out that my AID was during covid so the set-up was a little bit different while having to still keep to corona measures. Either way, it was a big mistake not signing up. Luckily I did find housing and someone in my corridor had someone in their AID group who was not able to join due to corona restrictions.  So thankfully, as I had joined the waiting list,  I was able to take their space.

The AID is filled with all sorts of activities to help you get to orientated in Wageningen and on campus. You will also get a taste of the variety of activities available to you while you are here. The general programme is shown below, but you can find your personal programme and any updates here. If after reading this you are regretting not signing up then you can still join this year’s waiting list here. And there is still a chance to buy tickets for the AID festival ‘Final Destination’  here.

Wageningen University AID 2022

My AID Experience

I would like to share a little of my experience with the AID in 2020, during corona times. Corona measures included not consuming alcohol and staying within our AID groups during events. Nonetheless, it was an unforgettable experience and a really well-organised event.  I can only imagine the fun you guys will have without those restrictions in place.

I was still not properly signed up on the first day of the AID. But my corridor mate said that he had a really lovely group which was missing some members. He suggested I should just turn up with him to see if I could have one of their spots. This was a little out of my comfort zone and I very nearly bottled it and didn’t go. He nicely reminded me ‘well what else are you going to do, you may as well try. And I am so glad I did and thankful to him for pushing me to do so!

The week was filled with fun activities, we got to try out all kinds of sports including gymnastics (which brought a lot of our group closer together in that we completely sucked at it!), dance and squash. We completed a bike tour around Wageningen with different stops on the way to be introduced to the wide range of student associations available to join while also figuring out our way around town. We also had trips to the Rijn to relax and cool off after long hot days!

All of this was in and out of trying to furnish my room which I had moved into the day before. Thanks to my lovely parents as they did most of that while I was off having fun in the AID. Not long after the AID  lots of activities weren’t allowed anymore due to a change in restrictions. I was even more grateful to have met my AID ‘family’ and to have made some good friends before things got shut down again. Not many people I speak to are still such good friends with their AID group so I guess I got lucky. But either way, it was a great experience and I hope yours will be too!

By betony

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