Working while studying

19 January 2020 | Category: Student life

Studying and working is possible, but the beginnings are always difficult. I wanted to find a job in Wageningen combining my studies with work. Due to my expenses and others, I wanted to have my own salary so I can save some money for the rainy days (and also for…

My first exams at WUR

15 December 2019 | Category: Student life

Day one, first period and my only worry was the final exam. Luckily, one of my subjects was only about projects, but the other one its final grade was based on a final exam (50%). Every day at classes the only thing I could think about was how bad/well I will…

Living with an international PhD

23 November 2019 | Category: Housing

The process of finding  a room in the NL As we all know finding a place to live in Wageningen (and in the Netherlands in general) is really hard. I was subscribed to all the possible pages to find a room. I received a lot of  “Sorry Arianna, only dutch…

First impressions of a Venezuelan girl at WUR

3 November 2019 | Category: Student life

In December of 2018, I finished my Bachelor’s on Geophysical Engineering in Venezuela. After graduating, I decided to come to WUR to study a Master’s degree in Earth and Environment, specifically Hydrology. Why here? If you are interested in water, the Netherlands is the best place to go for you….