Pollinators – showing us a new way to protect and manage biodiversity?

12 April 2019 | Category: Biodiversity

The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently asked us to investigate the issue of ‘Policy streamlining for biodiversity and ecosystem services’. Policy streamlining in this case, is the process of bringing together different policy measures in order to achieve improved delivery of policy objectives. For example: how could different, occasionally conflicting…


International Day of Forests: Learning to Love Forests

Regenwoud Brazilië
21 March 2019 | Category: Biodiversity

Forests have a strong place in human culture. They played a role in human evolution, are the subject of fairy tales, have been ancient and modern places of worship, are the settings for adventure movies and have always been a source of food and shelter. Most of us value forests,…

#7 The end of the recordings

Belo Horizonte
18 March 2019 | Category: english essay topics year 9

Excuse me for the delay of this blog (again), but I have a good reason for that: Belo Horizonte. Remember my global summary of the last blog about what we were going to do in the coming week? Well, the expectations I had at that time were only a glimpse…

#5 Where are the nests?

12 February 2019 | Category: english essay topics year 9

Chaotic arrival of Robert This week, the last member of the Lined Seedeater team 2019 joined us: Robert! Together with Alexia, a Brazilian team member, and a personal driver from the university I was ‘escorted’ to the airport just in case something went wrong again with luggage and I had…

#3 Drowning in data

29 January 2019 | Category: english essay topics year 9

Blog #3 already; I cannot believe that two weeks have already passed by! Something is telling me that these three months will not last long. To be correct: two and a half months from now on. However, time is just an illusion and when I think of all the things…

#2 Getting started

Our office
22 January 2019 | Category: english essay topics year 9

No luggage The first day in Brazil could have started better. Due to the fact that KLM told me only to pick up my luggage in Belo Horizonte, I apparently passed the mandatory customs in São Paulo and my luggage was not permitted to enter Brazil. Here I stood in…