#5 Where are the nests?

By: Melindy Dirks · 12 February 2019
Category: Master thesis Melindy Dirks

Chaotic arrival of Robert This week, the last member of the Lined Seedeater team 2019 joined us: Robert! Together with Alexia, a Brazilian team member, and a personal driver from the university I was ‘escorted’ to the airport just in case something went wrong again with luggage and I had…

#3 Drowning in data

By: Melindy Dirks · 29 January 2019
Category: Master thesis Melindy Dirks

Blog #3 already; I cannot believe that two weeks have already passed by! Something is telling me that these three months will not last long. To be correct: two and a half months from now on. However, time is just an illusion and when I think of all the things…

#2 Getting started

Our office
By: Melindy Dirks · 22 January 2019
Category: Master thesis Melindy Dirks

No luggage The first day in Brazil could have started better. Due to the fact that KLM told me only to pick up my luggage in Belo Horizonte, I apparently passed the mandatory customs in São Paulo and my luggage was not permitted to enter Brazil. Here I stood in…

#1 On my way to Brazil

By: Melindy Dirks · 17 January 2019
Category: Master thesis Melindy Dirks

After months of preparation, the adventure will finally start today! I am on my way to Brazil for my master thesis! At the moment I am in the plane to São Paulo, Brazil, where I will take another plane to Belo Horizonte. In Belo Horizonte, the 6th biggest city in…

Soil is Hot, are We Cashing In?

By: Saskia Visser · 20 September 2018
Category: Soil and land use

The soil underwent an emancipation process. For years the question has been: ‘How will we adjust the soil in such a way that we are able to carry out whatever we want in every spot?’ At last, it cropped up recently that it is about which soil we are actually…

100 years of Wageningen University – biodiversity and agriculture on (a positive) collision course

Hawthorn in a grass pasture – ideal food for winter birds
By: Lawrence Jones-Walters · 13 September 2018
Category: Biodiversity

On the 3th of September, Wageningen University’s 100th academic year was formally opened by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Phil Hogan the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development and our President Louise Fresco. The distinguished guests were there to mark the special anniversary: 100 years ago we ‘became…

The hidden world beneath our feet

The hidden world beneath our feet - flooding
By: Gilbert Maas · 8 June 2018
Category: Soil and land use

Do we look properly at the soil? At what we find beneath us? And what is the relationship between this soil and all the flooding we have again experienced recently? Wageningen Environmental Research explains it in a short video. A lot of soil data is stored in the BRO (Basisregistratie…

Water and soil, an inseparable pair

By: Gerben Bakker · 7 June 2018
Category: Soil and land use

For many decades, researchers all over the world have attempted to understand and describe the interactions that take place between water and soil. This is important, because of the impact that water and soils have on our lives. Crops will not grow properly in a soil that is too wet…