A long and risky trip!

13 June 2022 | Category: CloudRoots Amazonia

This blog was written by Robbert Moonen, researcher at Utrecht University and a member of the CloudRoots Amazonia field experiment.  Utrecht, May 27th. Good news! After months of preparations, packing, and bureaucratic efforts our instrumentation has touched down on Brazilian shores. While our measurements at the Brazilian Amazon Tall Tower…

Does the rainforest talk to the clouds?

17 May 2022 | Category: CloudRoots Amazonia

Manaus, February 2022, 8 AM. Already hot and humid. The CloudRoots Amazonia 22 field experiment starts. It is planned for August 2022, but preparations are well in advance due to the complexity of the experiment. With a team of the Meteorology of Air Quality Group together with two groups from…

Our soil: the basis of life

6 December 2021 | Category: Soil and land use

This article has been written by Saskia Visser, with contributions from Janjo de Haan, Jennie van der Kolk, Dorothee Tol-Leenders and Rudi Hessel. We expect a great deal from our soils. And, as we have previously explained, rightly so: soils that are treated well and managed properly can make an…

Winning teams for future food production

21 May 2021 | Category: Biodiversity

As a student, I did a six-month internship at TropenBos. During my internship I lived in the rainforest in British Guiana. There I slept in a hammock and washed myself at the river that ran along the camp. I enjoyed the sight of the enormous diversity in the forest. It…

Abandoned land; a wealth of opportunities

Abandoned land; a wealth of opportunities
4 December 2020 | Category: Soil and land use

I live in the Netherlands, with over 17 million inhabitants it is a densely populated country, in which we managed to provide a use for each and every piece of land. Land is extremely valuable; the lease prices for the agricultural land are by far the highest in Europe, and…

Pollinators – showing us a new way to protect and manage biodiversity?

12 April 2019 | Category: Biodiversity

The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently asked us to investigate the issue of ‘Policy streamlining for biodiversity and ecosystem services’. Policy streamlining in this case, is the process of bringing together different policy measures in order to achieve improved delivery of policy objectives. For example: how could different, occasionally conflicting…

#8 Away from the field station

Away from the field station
29 March 2019 | Category: Master thesis Melindy Dirks

I must stop promising you things. I promised you to write the next blog before Tessa and Robert were leaving and here I am… Yvonne just left the house to go back to the Netherlands and Dalila and I are the only ones left in a house that a week…

International Day of Forests: Learning to Love Forests

Regenwoud Brazilië
21 March 2019 | Category: Biodiversity

Forests have a strong place in human culture. They played a role in human evolution, are the subject of fairy tales, have been ancient and modern places of worship, are the settings for adventure movies and have always been a source of food and shelter. Most of us value forests,…

#7 The end of the recordings

Belo Horizonte
18 March 2019 | Category: Master thesis Melindy Dirks

Excuse me for the delay of this blog (again), but I have a good reason for that: Belo Horizonte. Remember my global summary of the last blog about what we were going to do in the coming week? Well, the expectations I had at that time were only a glimpse…