First dive Raja Ampat, Sorido

First dive in Raja Ampat
20 January 2020 | Category: Resilience of the richest reefs

So finally, after three hot days in Waisai where we had discussions with local authorities, we got on the Temukira, a nice little wooden ship that we rented for our expedition. It felt good to be on the water, much cooler and after days of rain it was finally sunny….

The end of The Saba Bank Expedition 2018

30 November 2018 | Category: Saba Bank

Day 6. Back in Sint Maarten Friday 23 November. We are back in Sint Maarten. It was a terrific expedition, a great group of people and a fantastic crew on board of the Caribbean Explorer II. Sarah, Brett, and Kirsten the divers from the Explorer accompanied each group on every…

Benthos monitoring

19 November 2018 | Category: Saba Bank

Today everybody is arriving in Sint Maarten. Excitement is building up. For half of the 17 researchers this is not the first time on the Caribbean Explorer II, which is good for me, they’ll know the drill. The airport in Sint Maarten is still not fully rebuilt since it was…

Start of the Saba Bank expedition 2018

16 November 2018 | Category: Saba Bank

Header image: Saba Bank during our expedition in 2015 (photo: David Stevens). We (Lisa Becking, Tobia de Scisciolo, and me) are ahead of the rest of the team to try out techniques that we want to use on the Saba Bank and to refresh contacts with our coral restoration project…