From 17-25 November 2018, researchers of Wageningen Marine Research and other institutes will work together on reef monitoring on the largest coral reef of the Netherlands near Saba. The Saba Bank is an extremely rich area with very high biodiversity of fish, coral, algae and sponges.

Map Saba Bank

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Day 4 The team has reached the fourth day of the expedition, and we are all going strong with the data collection for the Saba Bank. Through rough weather, high waves, currents, rain and strong gusts of wind, it does not hold us back to the dives to collect data….

Benthos monitoring

By: Erik Meesters · 19 November 2018
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Today everybody is arriving in Sint Maarten. Excitement is building up. For half of the 17 researchers this is not the first time on the Caribbean Explorer II, which is good for me, they’ll know the drill. The airport in Sint Maarten is still not fully rebuilt since it was…