In December 2018, researchers of Wageningen Marine Research joined two research vessels heading for two different sides of the Antarctic continent. Further research on the importance of sea ice for the functioning of the ecosystem was done with the German icebreaker Polarstern.

On the other side of Antarctica, krill was investigated with the Japanese research vessel Kaiyo-maru, aiming to do a stock assessment of this commercially harvested species.

Such a double expedition provides an unique opportunity to compare the ecosystems of different regions around Antarctica.

Kaiyo Maru leg 2

28 March 2019 | Category: Antarctica

On our way for the second time After staying in Melbourne for a couple of days and Kaiyo-maru being resupplied, we are on our way back to the Southern Ocean for the second half of the expedition. Although Melbourne was a welcome break, most people seem eager to continue the…

Kaiyo Maru leg 1

31 January 2019 | Category: Antarctica

By: Fokje Schaafsma en Marin van Regteren, Wageningen Marine Research On our way south In Fremantle, Australia, we join the Japanese research vessel Kaiyo Maru on December 4th. Before we leave, we have some time to look around the city and buy some last supplies. Usually, we unpack our boxes…