Why Study Plastic Litter in Svalbard?

Why Study Plastic Litter in Svalbard?
6 November 2018 | Category: Arctic Marine Litter expedition

Authors: Amanda Schadeberg and Wouter Jan Strietman The Pristine Arctic? The Arctic Circle conjures images of a wild frontier of exploration: vast planes of ice, menacing mountain peaks, rough seas, and beautiful aurora borealis. But even this part of the world has been touched by humanity’s seemingly insatiable appetite for…

82 degrees north

A mother and cub polar bear in the expanse of Arctic sea ice (photo by Martine van den Heuvel-Greve)
3 September 2018 | Category: Svalbard

Plancius took a turn and headed straight north. After half a week on board, the atmosphere among the passengers has become more relaxed, interactions have moved past the small talk and into enjoying each other’s company. Martine was invited to give a presentation on the project to inform the passengers…