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Master Open Day experiences

By Debby Los

International Students Advice

“My first impression when I set foot on campus? Wow!” Angelica Marchetti was one of prospective students from abroad who visited the Master Open Day.

Over 800 prospective Master students came to visit the Master Open Day on December 15. Almost 10% of the visitors were international prospective students who took their chance to see the University. A possibility to walk around on campus, talk to students and look inside the different buildings.



Angelica Marchetti
23 years old


Angelica came to the open day expecting she would find something to clear her mind. She had heard of Wageningen University from a friend at her University in Bologna.

“My first impression when I set foot on campus was ‘Wow’. I am used to a University with very old buildings. Here you will find a real campus. It is completely different from my reality in Italy.”


Tell her tale back home

“I first met with a friend of a friend, who studies in Wageningen. She could explain me something about student life and she told me all good things about studying here.”

After being here for a couple of hours, Angelica was really enthusiastic. “Two friends of mine at my University couldn’t come to the Master open day in Wageningen, but I am going to explain them what I saw.”


My first impression when I set foot on campus? Wow!


“I think it is a really good university. I like the way you study here. I think it is very tutorial and practical. It seems to be a really good organisation and a beautiful University, with a lot of international students.”


students Master open day Wageningen
Haruna Matsuyama and Naoko Tajima
22 years old – 28 years old


Naoka and Haruna are both from Japan. Naoka is in the Netherlands since March 2016 for an agricultural training. Haruna is doing her internship in the Netherlands.

Haruna: “Next year I have to go back to school. After graduation I am thinking about starting a Master programme in Wageningen.”

Naoka: “This is my first time in Wageningen, I wanted to see as much as possible of the University. I wanted to get information about application and what I can expect of the Master programme.”


I really want to tell other people to come here. There is a good atmosphere.


Haruna was interested to see the University, so before she got to the open day she had searched online. She also found out about the Master Online Open Day of November 2016, last month. She did not participate though and luckily she had a change to join the Master Open Day. “Before I came here I was really nervous, because I had to ask questions, but it was very useful. I really want to tell other people to come here. There is a good atmosphere here.”


Master open day wageningen
Master open day in Wageningen on 15 December 2016


International Students Advice organised two Questions & Answers sessions in collaboration with the Student Service Centre (International Office). The international visitors could ask all burning questions about student life, application, housing and admission. Being part of the Master Open Day enables prospective students to talk to study advisors, students and professors face to face. Wageningen University aims to provide an honest and realistic picture of what it is like to study here.


By Debby Los

International Students Advice

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