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Why I’m a WURporter and you should be too!

By Lizzie Richardson

MSc Biotechnology ...

Did you know that Wageningen University has a very active YouTube channel?

Well, now you do!

Front page of the WURtube channel

In January, WUR launched a brand new YouTube channel called WURtube and I am one of the WURporters. Keep reading to find out what WURtube is and how you can get involved.


What is WURtube?

WURtube is the YouTube channel of Wageningen University and it contains a whole range of videos. There are 8 playlists – MSc education, online education, events, essentials, BSc education, WURporters, student life, and research. Some videos are very information dense, such as the 10 minute long ones on all the different BSc and MSc programmes, whilst others are shorter and lighter, such as “what to do after the AID”. The videos are both for future students looking for more information about the university and current students who want to explore more of Wageningen.


An example of the videos we make

What is a WURporter?

At the time of writing, there are 4 WURporters and we make most of the videos that you see on the channel. We are given assignments from the university and then script, film, and (sometimes) edit the video. For example, I needed to make a video about the new Career Services that was aimed at current and future students. For this I had to go to 2 events – the career fair and a talk-and-toast – and interview the organiser of the Career Services. I usually storyboard the video before going to an event, which makes it a lot easier to figure out which shots I need at the events. After filming I then upload the clips to my laptop and edit them using PremierPro.


Why I am a WURporter

There are many reasons why I am a WURporter. Firstly, it is a lot of fun, I get to attend new events and meet different people and see the university through a different lens. Secondly, I get to share this great university with lots of different people and show future and current students things they may have missed. Thirdly, my entire day is usually spent in the lab or writing papers. Not super exciting or creative, so, I get to use these videos as a creative outlet and have some fun using a different part of my brain.

Do you want to be a WURporter?

Have you always wanted to start a YouTube channel or vlog but was never sure how to? Do you want to gain the skills to make professional looking videos? Do you just like being on camera and talking about things that you are interested in? If you answered yes then you would make a perfect WURporter. We are always looking for new people to join the team so if you are interested then send an email to wurporters@wur.nl!

See you online!

By Lizzie Richardson

MSc Biotechnology

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