Top 5 places to explore around Wageningen

Pictures from cycling around Wageningen
22 September 2021 | Category: Student life

Exploring Wageningen and it’s surroundings is a nice way to get settled into a new environment. Wageningen itself has a nice market, cafes and beautiful surroundings. So it’s not hard to survive life in the city. But if you are willing to go a bit further out by foot, bike,…

A life with chapters

student Lizzie
3 April 2019 | Category: Student life

I am currently sitting on the floor at LAX Airport waiting for my flight. Unlike all the other times I have boarded a plane over the last two years this plane isn’t going somewhere new, it is going somewhere very old. The plane is flying for 17 hours across an…

My internship in The United States: Part 1

student Lizzie
22 February 2019 | Category: Education, Student life

In August 2018 I packed up my things, said goodbye to the Netherlands and flew to the United States for my internship. I was based in Bozeman, a tiny town in the middle of Montana famous for its mountains, the Big Sky ski resort, and Yellowstone National Park. I had…

A week in the life of a WUR student

3 June 2018 | Category: Student life

Following in the footsteps of some other bloggers I have decided to take you inside what a typical week looks like studying here at WUR. I am currently doing my thesis so my schedule may look a little different from others, but that is what makes every study unique! I…

Wageningen Student Challenge – building a greenhouse!

13 May 2018 | Category: Education

If you enter the Atlas building at around 17:30 on a Tuesday and head down to the ground floor you will find 14 people crammed into a room surrounded by food and drinks. The people in the room are from numerous different countries, and study everything from plant sciences to…

Why I’m a WURporter and you should be too!

23 March 2018 | Category: Student life

Did you know that Wageningen University has a very active YouTube channel? Well, now you do! In January, WUR launched a brand new YouTube channel called WURtube and I am one of the WURporters. Keep reading to find out what WURtube is and how you can get involved.   What…

Get active and fit. Play a sport at Wageningen

3 January 2018 | Category: Student life

I like sport. I like it a lot, in fact I think I am addicted to sport because if I go 3 days without doing any exercise I begin to get withdrawal symptoms such as headaches. I have always been very active and involved in a lot of different sports…

Things to do in Wageningen

Wageningen market
11 August 2017 | Category: Student life

When I first discovered Wageningen, I must admit I was a little turned off by the small size of the town. I am from Sydney, the largest city in Australia, a city constantly bustling with noise and new places to explore both on land and sea. A place that has…

Why I Chose Wageningen and you should too!

Why to choose Wageningen?
29 June 2017 | Category: Student life

In February 2017 I left sunny Australia and took a 24-hour flight to the Netherlands. I remember landing at Schipol Airport at 6 am, absolutely exhausted and freezing as the temperature was around 5 degrees. After what felt like a long train ride, in the dark as the sun hadn’t…