Wageningen Career Services 101

student Lizzie
By: Lizzie Richardson · 2 January 2019
Category: Education

Here is a question that most students dread “what are you going to do after you graduate?” It is always a tricky question to answer and usually meet with a string of “umms” and “errs”. Of course, there are those students who have everything already planned, perhaps because their scholarship…

A week in the life of a WUR student

student Lizzie
By: Lizzie Richardson · 3 June 2018
Category: Student life

Following in the footsteps of some other bloggers I have decided to take you inside what a typical week looks like studying here at WUR. I am currently doing my thesis so my schedule may look a little different from others, but that is what makes every study unique! I…


student Lizzie
By: Lizzie Richardson · 3 January 2018
Category: Student life

I like sport. I like it a lot, in fact I think I am addicted to sport because if I go 3 days without doing any exercise I begin to get withdrawal symptoms such as headaches. I have always been very active and involved in a lot of different sports…

An International University

student Lizzie
By: Lizzie Richardson · 13 October 2017
Category: Student life, Tips and advice

If you are reading this post, then you are probably aware that Wageningen University has a reputation for being an international university. I don’t know the statistics regarding how many countries are represented at WUR, but I know it is a lot. In this post I want to address the…