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Run, Barry, Run

By Madhumeetha B

Passionate about food, strategies and Theatre( both the plac...

One step away from being a Superhero

As a huge fan of The Flash, I took it upon me to pursue running at least for the sake of masking myself as a superhero. In my previous piece, I shared my experience on how mental health is fragile. It is quite important to be vigilant especially if you think you constantly feel bad or unhappy. In this piece, I will continue talking about mental health.  After all, mental health needs to be fit as well.

Tackling Mental health could be done either by going to a therapist who would probably help you understand your patterns. These patterns might prove to be an insight towards breaking them. Another way to reduce your everyday stress is by sporting. Sports has to be proved to be one of the easiest yet hardest ways to help with Mental Health. According to a research that was carried out in Yale and Oxford, it was found that exercise can make you happier than money!

It was also found that the number of bad days increased from 35 to almost 50 a year when you don’t sport on a regular basis. It was also studied that 30-60 minutes a week was ideal amount of time that could be spent sporting. One of the key things studied were also the relationship between sport and mental health was a U shaped curve which could also mean too much of anything is still bad.

Impossible? I’M Possible

I have been running irregularly for more than three years now. Downloading the Nike app- check, wear good clothes to sport- check, prepare for what you are going to do after the run- check. But this running itself seemed so difficult in the beginning. It felt like people would judge me because I was heavy. Or that what is the point of all this anyway, I can’t do this. I strongly didn’t at the beginning believe in the power of sporting. But, there is something about running.

I have fallen in love with running over the years. It is my favorite way of relieving stress. Running outside especially is the most beautiful way to experience nature. I strongly believe that Nature cures you of all problems. The more I began running, the more  my days of feeling depressed reduced. It was maybe the best way to start the day on a lot of days. Running in parks, beaches on the roads. I learnt a lot about myself. The sport itself demands more being in the moment and being vigilant about everything around you. It is not only about running because you can’t possibly run with your eyes closed on a road. Running has taught me one of my biggest lessons in life that closely relates to how to tackle mental health. It is about being in the moment.

Most of our patterns emerge from our past, our upbringing, a trauma , a heart break etc. These patterns mostly find ways to manifest our everyday lives with/without our knowledge. Although, I have come to realize it doesn’t mean it is the only thing that has to define you. Inspite of all this, I ran my first my 5kms for raising awareness for Cancer and the joy when I finished can’t be explained.

“Everybody sports in Wageningen”

When I arrived first to Wageningen, I kept hearing the phrase – “Everyone sports in Wageningen.”Initially I thought it was not for me. I was wrong. Terribly wrong, because my mental health took a toll especially with the stress in Period -3 and 4. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to sport or run again. Finally, I took my sporting right. (Imagine it to be as dramatic as it sounds in your head!:P)

I began with Kickboxing and on my first day, I was nervous about being comfortable with my own body while sporting. When I looked around, I realized everyone there was in the class wanting to become better versions of themselves for whatever reasons, it was motivating. It is has already been a month of training and I can’t get enough of it.I also understood, it keeps you grounded to the moment. If i began overthinking something while training, I would probably get badly injured. It felt so right to be comfortable in my own body.Martial arts are a great way to learn to live life by the day. Baby steps. One day at a time.  After all, mental health needs to be fit as well.

Bongerd- Your right to sport

Sports De Bongerd offers so many choices. From “trying to make the summer body come true”swimming lessons to “I can plank for ten mins when I train with the Wageningen Beasts”, we have it all. The city also has a climbing wall at the Avalon Gym which offers yoga, climbing, spinning lessons and cross-fit. Sport associations also are good place to start training be it Archery or badminton. With a 99 euro a year sport rights, it is reasonable to become anything you want.


Mental health needs to be fit as much as physical health! And there is no time like the present to start. 😀


Until next time,

By Madhumeetha B

Passionate about food, strategies and Theatre( both the place where people watch movies and the performing art!). Love food, beaches, Madras( the city I hail from). Coffee is the cape to me being the superhero, I am! Profound liking towards Kickboxing, boot-camps that involve a lot of running and really exhilarating work outs!
I attempt to write because words and I have a good relationship!
One day, I hope to write poetry.

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