Wageningen – House? Or Home?

By: Madhumeetha B · 26 June 2019
Category: Housing

The Excitement The universe was very kind to me because I was blessed with 13 dutch and 1 greek housemate. Haarweg is one of the most interesting housing facilities in Wageningen. I say interesting because there are three main divisions of room here. Two sharing, six sharing and fourteen sharing…


By: Madhumeetha B · 26 May 2019
Category: Student life

 Different yet the Same My first ever solo trip to Germany was in Feb. A lot of countries including Belgium, Germany, France, London are quite accessible from the Netherlands. I would choose to go by the bus or train for sustainability reasons. Mental health is a tricky topic to write about…

Run, Barry, Run

By: Madhumeetha B · 22 May 2019
Category: Student life

One step away from being a Superhero As a huge fan of The Flash, I took it upon me to pursue running at least for the sake of masking myself as a superhero. In my previous piece, I shared my experience on how mental health is fragile. It is quite…

100th Time Is A Charm

By: Madhumeetha B · 17 April 2019
Category: Student life

The Beginning 14 th, August 2018 at 5 AM there were butterflies in my stomach. Everything was set yet the feeling I was really going to leave my home, my friends, my family and the most important of all, the food had not sunk in. With friends demanding I shed a…