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By Madhumeetha B

Passionate about food, strategies and Theatre( both the plac...

 Different yet the Same

My first ever solo trip to Germany was in Feb. A lot of countries including Belgium, Germany, France, London are quite accessible from the Netherlands. I would choose to go by the bus or train for sustainability reasons. Mental health is a tricky topic to write about because it is so personal yet it can be general. There are different coping mechanisms. Some vent. Some write. Some drown in alcohol. Some in coffee. And a few others travel. To each their own.


BBC in an interview with former president of the United States, Mr.Barack Obama asked him why was travelling so important. To that he said, it reminds us of what we share and what we have become for us to recognize ourselves in others.I am a bit chaotic about cleanliness. My friend get a nervous breakdown every time she visits! 😉 Planning is not my friend! I would like to see what happens until the last moment. I don’t plan things in advance because that I find is a quite stressful process. I also believe creativity thrives on chaos. To travel is a good way to understand how chaos might actually make you creative. 


Germany was an unforgettable experience. I had decided only to book my mode of transportation and accommodation. I love to explore new things but don’t follow a strict itinerary. During my travel, I have time to think. Understood a lot about myself and my patterns. Through the last few years, I have been susceptible to many changes. Especially, being alone in this world can be scary. There were somethings I learnt during traveling that helped me understand myself better. Getting the right train to the station. Not being so hard on myself when I realized I missed my train. Meeting and trusting someone I just met in the hostel.Traveling is a new way to understand my old self.

Process is the path

Exploring helps you understand the World can be intimidating. Yet every time I discover a big green mountain, I am excited. When I find a good coffee shop,peace is bestowed upon me.Smile blooms. A smile is  all you need in this big scary world. Exploring internally and externally is a difficult process. Getting to know someone new. Trusting them with your stories. Listening to how different things are around the world. Everything takes courage and passion.


I love studying in Wageningen University. After every exam period,we get a few days or at least a weekend off. This ritual is useful to unwind before a new study period begins. I use it to unwind. At the end of every trip, I am quite glad when I see the Ede-Wageningen sign board. I feel warmth in my heart when I see those familiar smiles of my house.

By Madhumeetha B

Passionate about food, strategies and Theatre( both the place where people watch movies and the performing art!). Love food, beaches, Madras( the city I hail from). Coffee is the cape to me being the superhero, I am! Profound liking towards Kickboxing, boot-camps that involve a lot of running and really exhilarating work outs!
I attempt to write because words and I have a good relationship!
One day, I hope to write poetry.

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