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My Road to Wageningen

By Samuel

My moments of doubt about “Education is the key to success”…. ?????

My name is Samuel Agyekum, and I hail from Kumasi, one of the largest cities in Ghana. I studied Bachelor of Arts Geography at the University of Education, Winneba. As a young talent born in one of the largest cities in Ghana, my experience with the environment was not blowing things out of proportion, not to expect. Flooding, poor waste management, bad settlement planning, and automobile emissions were common incidents. These terrible experiences gave me every good reason to doubt the famous quotation “Education is the key to success”. This is because education had, apparently, failed to export its success into the state of the environment. Those days were not only the disgruntled but hilarious moments of my life too?.

I never felt more the urge to turn into a superman than those days, where I wished I could command to halt all these environmental problems.

Seemed to be on the right road

Well, as a disappointed superman ?, I finally went the realistic way to solve these problems. At High School, I developed a keen interest in Geography, especially human and nature links. Stirred to align the development of cities in Ghana to the sustainability revolution, I continued to study Geography in my first degree. There, I learned that the major obstacle of the drive to sustainability is the one-sided solution to environmental problems that are otherwise socio-technical (natural & social science) in nature. I was even more convinced about my vision to kick against the unsustainable path to economic development in Ghana when I saw the beautiful clean city of Copenhagen during my half a year experience as an exchange student in Denmark. This motivated me to choose a Master’s programme that approaches environmental issues from nature and human perspective.

By not giving up on my dream, I decided to study in one of the world’s best sustainability-conscious universities with an option to focus on cities. Through my research, I discovered the world’s best ‘Wageningen University and Research’. I was extremely happy when I found WUR…. Oh, how is that possible? Why didn’t I know WUR way earlier, I exclaimed ?. Admittedly, the discovery was heaven to me.

The beautiful scenes on the road

Honestly, there was no reason to delay since I found my dream university. I applied to the prestigious university in November 2019 to pursue MSc Urban Environmental Management… I received a positive response to my application in January 2020.
To my surprise, the Wageningen University Fellowship Programme (WUFP) nominated me for the African Scholarship Programme. I responded to the email and attended a virtual interview. Guess what… I received the most uplifting email of life ?. Not to talk about the fact that I found it so hard to believe that they have awarded me a WUFP/Anne van den Ban scholarship to study Master Science Urban Environmental Management.

A halt on the road???

Heads were not clear about the possibility of International Education because of the peaking of Coronavirus worldwide. However, the pro-activeness of WUR and the plan of the Dutch government to support capacity-building resulted in resilient measures that made it possible for many international students, including myself, to apply for visa and travel. I finally got to the Netherlands (Wageningen) in the first week of September. It was indeed a dream come true.

Finally, at the best destination. Truism established. 

Honestly, it wasn’t a mere hype on the internet. Indeed, Wageningen University and Research is the best place not just to learn but to experience sustainability.

This is because we learn sustainability by doing it. By this, I have come to a logical conclusion that education is not just the key to success as I doubted because it is too parochial and self-centred. I rather agree with Nelson Mandela that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon’ and I am going to use it to make cities in global south sustainable.

A very big thank you to WUR for seeing my capabilities and awarding me the WUFP/Anne van den Ban Fund Scholarship. I hope to see you reading my story in WUR next academic year. I can’t sign out without saying “Tot ziens”.?

In a group meeting with other International Students.

By Samuel

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  1. By: Frimps · 02-02-2021 at 13:04

    Congratulations Samuel! Enjoy your stay at WUR while you contribute to sustainability

    1. By: Samuel · 02-02-2021 at 15:44

      Thank you Frimpong

      1. By: Mercy · 07-02-2021 at 17:36

        Congratulations Samuel, seems we share the same dreams how do I reach you?

      2. By: Nyarko Edward · 25-03-2021 at 10:59

        Congratulations senior brother may all your secret dreams come to past , am very glad to get a brother like you . Hope to hear from you soon

      3. By: Ivan · 19-07-2021 at 18:10

        Congrats make uew proud.

    2. By: Regenita · 07-02-2021 at 13:59

      Congratulations! I hope I will also get an offer for a WUR scholarship as I am a prospective student for October 2021.

      1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:15

        Dear Regenita, I wish you the very best in your earnest expectations. Kind regards

  2. By: OWUSU PRINCE GYABAA · 02-02-2021 at 14:20

    Such a powerful piece. This is an encouragement to Us as potential students of WUR like myself to be with you there. See you soon bro.

    1. By: Samuel · 02-02-2021 at 15:47

      Hello Prince! Great to know that you have been inspired. I hope to see you in Wageningen soon.

  3. By: Ebenezer Nkrumah · 02-02-2021 at 15:30

    Congrats Samuel. Indeed the sky is the limit, more wins and enjoy your stay as you continue to pursue your program.

    1. By: Samuel · 02-02-2021 at 15:46

      Thank you for your best wishes. All the best in your endeavours, Ebenezer!

  4. By: Gideon Essuman · 03-02-2021 at 09:46

    Congrats! Snr Sammy, I’m inspired by your piece. Enjoy your stay.

    1. By: Samuel · 04-02-2021 at 22:26

      Thank you, Gideon! I am glad you are inspired.

      1. By: Mutanu Carolyn · 08-02-2021 at 05:22

        Congratulations Sam. Im a Kenyan urban enthusiast who missed the NFP scholarship after securing an admission to the same program. I wish I could have alternative funding method. We would be in the same class now. All the best Agyekum.

        1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:11

          Dear Carolyn, I wish you better luck in your future endeavours. God be with you. Best wishes.

          1. By: David · 09-02-2021 at 10:06

            Congrats for that achievement it is your. Turn to dig into problem causing environment degradation

          2. By: Samuel · 10-02-2021 at 23:55

            Thanks, David for your recommendation. Currently, I am focussing on pressing issues which comes before your recommendation but will do so if need be.

            Best wishes.

  5. By: Abraham KLEBO · 04-02-2021 at 22:12

    Congratulations! So inspired .
    Best wishes for the next.

    1. By: Samuel · 04-02-2021 at 22:17

      Thank you, Abraham! I am glad that you are inspired.

  6. By: Emmanuel · 07-02-2021 at 10:02

    Good Sammy. But can we link up, I was one of the applicants for MSC in plant science at WUR in November 2019.

  7. By: Awo · 07-02-2021 at 10:50

    Hi Samuel, Congratulations and looks like we share similar dreams. Lol Changing the world. Please how do I reach you? Any personal email address available?

  8. By: Alfred Mensah · 07-02-2021 at 11:25

    You inspire.

    We are proud of you and hope to walk in your footsteps!

    Stay blessed.

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:17

      Dear Roland,

      I am glad that my post has inspired you. Best wishes.

  9. By: Mercy · 07-02-2021 at 17:37

    Congratulations Samuel, seems we share the same dreams how do I reach you?

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:13

      Dear Mercy, please feel free and ask your question. If I am not in the best position to help you, I will direct you to the right office.

      Best wishes.

  10. By: Fath Elrhman · 07-02-2021 at 17:51

    WOR always ✨
    congratulations sincerely ??

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:11

      Thank you, Faith!

  11. By: Stephen · 08-02-2021 at 18:14

    Education is really the key. I wish you all the very best.

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:10

      Thank you, Stephen!

    2. By: Asindua George · 01-06-2021 at 17:47

      Hello Samuel,
      Very inspiring story, WUR is really a place one would desire to be and study from. I have equally tried and been invited twice for MDR – OKP scholarship 2020 & 2021 Sep Start but haven’t been nominated and awarded any of the WUFP scholarships yet.
      Thanks for sharing Samuel.

      George Asindua (Uganda)

  12. By: Avalumun · 08-02-2021 at 22:27

    Thank you for sharing, Sam. It’s inspiring enough. I particularly love the sound of your last statement. High five, brother✋.

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:09

      Hello Avalumun, I am glad my post has inspired you. Best wishes.

  13. By: Amaechi Priscilla Chinedozie · 08-02-2021 at 22:39

    Here, oga u dont reply messages

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:08

      Hello Priscilla,
      I am sorry about that! I was away for a while. Please you can ask your question? If I am not in the best position to answer, I will direct you to the appropriate office. Thank you.

      1. By: bayalkarimwisdom1@gmail.com · 11-02-2021 at 19:33

        Congratulations ? keep souring bro.

      2. By: Asindua George · 01-06-2021 at 17:44

        So Samuel,
        I would like to inquire if one needs to apply for the WUFP/Ann Van Den Ban scholarship because I made to understand it’s normally offered by WUFP and Which months the Ann Van Den Ban scholarship is normally offered?. As the start time Sep, is already approaching.
        Thank you once again for your time.


        1. By: Luisa Fernanda · 02-06-2021 at 15:02

          Dear George,

          I will send you an email answering your question.

          Kind regards,
          Luisa Gomez

          Team International Students Advice |

          1. By: Samuel · 02-06-2021 at 15:08

            Thank you Luisa for answering George’s question. 🙂

  14. By: Issa Kamara · 09-02-2021 at 01:16

    Congratulations Samuel! I’m still Struggling with my Statement of Purpose for the masters programme, MSc International Development Studies at, with a specialisation on Sociology of Development. I hope to succeed just as you’ve succeeded.
    Thanks for inspiring me.

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 08:20

      Dear Kamara,
      I believe you will succeed. Best wishes!

  15. By: Gibson Albert Sabuholo · 09-02-2021 at 09:56

    Ooooh! Congratulations Samuel for that step you have gone. Actually to get a dream scholarship to pursue a dream course is a great opportunity a very body wish to have. I wish you all the best brother. I come from Tanzania currently am planning to apply to Nuffic Orange knowledge program (OKP) by the grace of God I wish to meet you there.

    1. By: Samuel · 09-02-2021 at 10:02

      Thank you, Gibson! I wish you the very best.

  16. By: Nuorterah Saanoumeh Matthew · 10-02-2021 at 22:07

    Am really highly enthused for your piece of writings on sustainability and I wish you all the best in your stay in Wageningen. By the way it’s has always been my dream to also further my education abroad, so I would have loved that we stay connected as you guide me on what to do to be able accomplish my dream. Thank you very much!!!

    1. By: Samuel · 10-02-2021 at 23:52

      Hello Mathew! I am glad to hear my post inspired you. Please, feel free and ask all your question and I will do my best to answer but also forward to the appropriate office if need be.

      1. By: Doreen Ako · 14-02-2021 at 18:35

        Congratulations Bro Samuel. Very much enthused about your piece. God bless you and do enjoy your stay.

        1. By: Samuel · 14-02-2021 at 21:40

          Thank you, Doreen!

  17. By: Aboagye Dacosta · 11-02-2021 at 03:23

    I’m emotionally motivated inspired by your piece. Environmentally sustainability is a big flop in our country Ghana and Africa at large. It’s my fervent prayer that you achieve your dreams.

  18. By: Andy Ofori · 11-02-2021 at 17:01

    Congratulations to you Bra Sammy ?…. May the Good Lord continue to bless and keep you ?❣️

    1. By: Samuel · 11-02-2021 at 17:04

      Thank you, Andy! Amen to the prayer.

  19. By: Dammie · 15-02-2021 at 19:31

    Hi Samuel, a big congratulations to you. I am so inspired by your post.
    I’ll like to ask you a question pls.
    I have my unconditional offer from Wageningen university for a masters degree but I sent it my application late in January 2021. I have good grades.
    Do you think I can be nominated for the African scholarship regardless of my late application?

    I hope to hear from you soon

    1. By: Samuel · 20-02-2021 at 09:34

      Hello Damilola, Congratulations on your admission. For you to stand a chance of scholarship nomination, you must have met the application submission deadline for the ASP (15th January 2020). Of course, good grades are considered but I can’t be assertive that your good grade will warrant an automatic nomination. This is because a good grade is subjective (it depends on how your good grade will rank amongst all those competing for the scholarship).
      I will say that keep your fingers crossed and wait for the outcome of the ASP nomination on 16th March. I wish you the very best.

      Kind regards,


  20. By: Adomah Yeboah · 18-02-2021 at 20:31

    Congratulations. See you there soon brother.

    1. By: Samuel · 20-02-2021 at 09:25

      Thank you, Adomah!

  21. By: Dennis · 19-02-2021 at 00:45

    That’s great….Make Ghana proud. WUR is my choice too

    1. By: Samuel · 20-02-2021 at 09:25

      Thank you, Dennis!

  22. By: George · 19-02-2021 at 05:50

    I need your personal email Sammy

    1. By: Samuel · 20-02-2021 at 09:24

      Dear George, can you ask your questions? I will gladly respond to you.

  23. By: Fasalejo Olamidayo · 25-02-2021 at 05:46

    Inspired piece… Nice.
    I’m admitted and invited for one of the scholarship to support my study. Please how can we connect, I have some questions to ask

    1. By: Samuel · 02-06-2021 at 15:13

      Hello Fasalejo,

      I am glad that my post inspired you. Please, you can send me an email at: samuel.agyekum@wur.nl

  24. By: Isaac K. Ofoe · 28-03-2021 at 01:28

    Very inspiring piece bro and to God be the Glory. Go higher and the Lord be with You.

    1. By: Samuel · 02-06-2021 at 15:14

      Dear Isaac,

      Thank you very much for the compliment and I am glad my post has inspired you. Amen to the prayers 🙂

  25. By: Alfred Bakyee · 03-05-2021 at 15:56

    Soooo good and really inspiring! I can’t wait to be there!

    1. By: Samuel · 02-06-2021 at 15:13

      I am glad that my post has inspired you.

  26. By: Enock Kwasi Addai · 26-12-2022 at 01:54

    congratulations Samuel.
    Make UEW proud ,Make WUR proud and uplift the flag oF Ghana internationally.
    Thank you Bro

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