My first-year corridor experience

29 September 2022 | Category: Student life

More often than not, the second most important question that comes to mind after sorting out the question of which school you would like to study is where you would live. Living in a nice and serene accommodation contributes immensely to the unforgettable memories we build during our student life….

What to expect in your first week of studying

AID mentoring
24 August 2022 | Category: Student life

We all dreamt of studying at WUR. I am sure you are excited to be a part of the big family in Wageningen. As a new international student, you will need practical information to manoeuvre your way around in your first week of studying. In this blog, I will share…

How to register and unregister for courses at WUR

working life
3 August 2022 | Category: Student life

Our dream of studying at WUR to become academic professionals contributing with sustainable solutions to current and future complex problems is realised through our university’s top-notch courses. As we may have been doing in our previous education, we must also register for these courses of interest to learn what WUR…

How is WUR organised: chair groups and research institutes

15 June 2022 | Category: Student life

As a prospective student, you may be wondering,  ‘how is Wageningen University & Research organised?’ or ‘what will be my future ‘department’ at WUR?’. WUR is a bit different from other universities, hence it might be slightly confusing if you are not in WUR. In this blog, I will share…

Improving your Career Prospects

career WUR
6 April 2022 | Category: Student life

Being aware of the career support services there are in a university can be a great mediator for choosing your study. Such support systems can facilitate a smooth transition from graduation to your dream job. But do you know you can increase your career prospects while you are a student…

Work in The Netherlands alongside your studies

25 March 2022 | Category: Student life

Living in the Netherlands can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is good to think about studies and work since it can help with your expenses. Do you live abroad and plan to move to The Netherlands? If you are going to work in The Netherlands, you are required to have…

Study delay: experiences of our students

2 March 2022 | Category: Education, Student life

As a current or prospective student, receiving your hard-earned diploma within the stipulated study time could be a strong wish. Nonetheless, things sometimes do not go according to plan, resulting in study delays. While study delays can be daunting, the experiences of four WUR students re-echo that ‘there is light…

Cost of Living

9 March 2021 | Category: Education, Housing, Student life

Updated on: 8 March 2021 For many international students, the cost of studying is a big concern. It is wise to plan ahead and make a financial plan for your stay in Wageningen. This article helps get you started.   How much does a banana cost? Maybe not the first…

My Road to Wageningen

2 February 2021 | Category: Education, Student life

My moments of doubt about “Education is the key to success”…. ????? My name is Samuel Agyekum, and I hail from Kumasi, one of the largest cities in Ghana. I studied Bachelor of Arts Geography at the University of Education, Winneba. As a young talent born in one of the…