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How to register and unregister for courses at WUR

By Samuel

Our dream of studying at WUR to become academic professionals contributing with sustainable solutions to current and future complex problems is realised through our university’s top-notch courses. As we may have been doing in our previous education, we must also register for these courses of interest to learn what WUR has to offer. In this blog, I will quickly take you through the steps to register and unregister courses at WUR.

Pre-requisites to register or unregister for courses?

  • To be able to take courses at WUR, you should have an active WUR account (which every registered student should have).


  • Make sure you are certain about the courses you are supposed to take considering your study programme, specialisation and interest. To be on top of this, the student usually has to discuss their interest with their study advisor. For prospective students, an intake meeting is usually scheduled with your study advisor to know the courses you must register for. The intake interviews help you to know what your programme might look like in the years ahead.


Practical steps to register:

In this example, we are registering for African Philosophy (CPT39806) course offered in period 2. Considering the deadline, you should register by 2 October or 25 September (for a maximum number of participants).

• Visit OSIRIS and log in with your WUR student credentials.

• Firstly, click on ‘enrol’ from the main menu. On the subsequent page, select ‘courses’. Secondly, search for courses you would like to register with either the name or the course code.

Step 1: Registering for courses


Step 2: Registering for courses

Alternatively, you can watch this YouTube video to learn more about the steps to follow to register for your courses: Getting started with Osiris – YouTube


Firstly, there is still a chance for you to register if you miss the registration deadline due to unavoidable circumstances. To do this, please contact the coordinator for the course to know if there is still a spot for you.

Secondly, please take note that the enrolment deadline for courses with a maximum number of participants ends a week or two before the regular registration deadline.

Thirdly, you have to be aware that you can register a maximum of 18 ECTS per term. A student who wants to go beyond the 18 ECTS must contact the course coordinator.

Moreover, deregistration of courses is possible. For example, you can unregister our example course by going through the same steps. 

Finally, you can also drop out of a course. To do this, please contact the course coordinator.

For more information about how to the registration for courses, please click on this link: Enrol for courses and tests in Osiris – WUR

By Samuel

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  1. By: Claudia munoz carmona · 15-01-2023 at 14:26

    I am searching how to de enroll a course (withdraw), here is not info.

    1. By: Luisa Fernanda · 16-01-2023 at 09:41

      Dear Claudia,

      As Samuel explained in this blog post, to unregister for a course, you must follow the same steps as to register for a course. Otherwise, you can send an email to the programme coordinator directly.

      Kind regards,
      Luisa Gomez

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