How will the academic year 2021/2022 look like at Wageningen University?

By Luisa Fernanda

The academic year is almost coming to an end. Another year living, working and studying during a worldwide pandemic. It has been a challenging year for everyone, but luckily a lot of students were able to continue their studies online. We can imagine you are wondering how the academic year 2021/2022 is going to look like. Let’s sum up what we know.

On-campus education

We are happy that we can welcome students back on campus from September onward. Students will get small scale and interactive education. This means there are no online alternatives for classes or practical’s. All the students have to be able to come to campus every weekday. So be sure to check our blogs about housing if you need tips on finding a room.

You do have to take into account that there will be some additional measures. What they depend on the situation in September. But you can think of using (free) self-tests before coming to campus and reserving a place to study.

Curious how our students experience studying during this pandemic? Watch the video of Henry, who tells about his experiences.


It was a rocky start but across Europe, people are getting vaccinated more quickly. For the Netherlands, the estimation is that by September the majority of the adults would have been vaccinated at least once. With this in mind, the Ministry of Education has made a scenario that the only restriction we have will be a limited group size of a maximum of 75 people per room.

Study delay because of Covid-19 for EER students

If getting your bachelor’s diploma is a bit delayed because of Covid-19 you, in some cases, can still start your master’s. This is called the bachelor-before-master rule. It means that if you meet the requirements you can already study at Wageningen University & Research while finishing your bachelor’s. You can find detailed information about this rule on the WUR website.

Please keep in mind that we rely on the Dutch government for guidance in the Covid-19 measures. For the most up-to-date information check the WUR website.

By Luisa Fernanda

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