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International Students Team at your service

By malavika

Hey future WUR aspirants,

Meet the new team: cool international students gang. We are here to give you more insight into how as international students we can tackle all the aspects of living and studying at WUR. You may have already seen our amazing faces on the WURtube on live sessions or webinars. In this blog, you will get a brief introduction on who we – Malavika, Fiona, Samuel and Betony – are. Don’t forget to read till the end πŸ˜›

Malavika, Betony, Fiona and Samuel

Malavika Jayasree

β€œI am Malavika and I come from the state Kerala in India. I am doing my second year of master’s where I just started with my thesis project.

There is no shame in saying that my only priority was to get into Wageningen.

This decision was influenced mainly by the quality of education and feedback from my friends who were already studying here.

I got to know what diversity and sustainability mean after coming here. All the people around you in WUR are super chill and friendly and you can talk to them about anything without hesitation.

Wageningen as a place is very calm and gives me the homely village vibes which I love. My favourite place to study on campus is the Forum library but for hanging out with friends there are a lot of places – Forum ground floor, outside forum, impulse, The Spot in Orion and many more. I am an enthusiastic dancer and trained Indian classical music singer.

Fun fact about me – I am very talkative and my close friends accuse me of having way too many friends.”


Fiona Martinez Hofmans

β€œI’m half Dutch half Mexican and born in Mexico. I study MSc Plant Sciences in WUR. I chose Wageningen because it is a very personal university, with a lot of like-minded people who care about nature and sustainability.

My advice is to look for a community that you have something in common with. The same nationality, same sport or other interest.

Wageningen is super diverse so there are always people to who you can relate with.

My favourite place is The Spot cafΓ©.

Something fun: I’ve tried all the group lessons at The Bongerd!”


Samuel Agyekum

β€œI’m a Ghanaian and I study MSc Urban Environmental Management here. I chose Wageningen because of the sustainability-oriented livelihood as well as the liberty to tailor your own programme education. My advice to all future WUR aspirants is to be open-minded in all your circles; That is the key to tapping into the rich learning environment of the University.

An additional tip: Don’t forget to learn how to cycle and also maybe a little bit of Dutch πŸ™‚

My favourite place on campus is the lakeside on campus and the garden behind the Lumen building.

What I often do for fun is to play video games!”


Betony Colman

β€œI’m English and I am studying Mgi-Master Geo-Information science. I wanted to do my master’s, not in England, and I knew I wanted to do GIS with a focus on the environment so here was the perfect place!

My advice is to try something new once you get (hobbies etc.) here because there are so many different people here doing all sorts of different things and you never know what you might end up enjoying or who you’ll end up meeting.

My favourite place on campus is in Lumen surrounded by all the plants because I find it very calming!

Fun fact – I like sewing and making clothes, but rarely actually finish… I was still sewing beads on my prom dress the morning of my prom! :D”


By malavika

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  1. By: SAEE CHAVAN · 15-08-2022 at 13:08

    I am from India I want to know more about the university and also want to talk with the teachers.

    1. By: Luisa Fernanda · 15-08-2022 at 14:28

      Dear Saee,

      Thank you for your interest in Wageningen University. To get to know us better, you can check our website https://www.wur.nl/en/wageningen-university.htm, and you can also read all the posts from our international students on the blog. If you have specific questions, you can write them here, and I will send you an email with the information.


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