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Debunking myths about studying your Master’s

By myrka

Often, when we think of someone studying their Master’s, we assume that this person must be one of the smartest persons we know, or that they have qualities that we don’t, or maybe, that they have the time that we do not have. I have to admit that kind of thought cost me a whole year of indecision. I wanted to apply to Wageningen since 2019 but I felt insecure. There were a lot of negative thoughts going through my head about how it would impact my personal life. I also thought that I was too old for it, that I should just focus on working and that it probably was going to be so much more difficult than my previous studies.

Now that I am here, one year into the Master’s, I realize that kind of thinking served me nothing! Because these myths are nothing more than that. Studying my Master’s is one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life because it has let me grow on a personal and professional level. I am glad I got over those thoughts and I hope I can help you debunk these myths too!

Myth 1: Studying a Master’s is only for very smart people

Studying a Master’s is indeed a form of academic learning which requires certain skills like critical and analytical thinking, as well as a certain level of knowledge. However, it does not mean you have to be the smartest person in every room. The whole reason we do our Master’s is to actually learn about a topic of our interest because we know we do not know everything (and we never will!). The important thing here is to be motivated to keep learning!
Verdict: FALSE

Myth 2: Studying a Master’s is only for young people

Take this from a 29-year-old who is in the middle of writing her thesis. Your age does not define your mental capacities. Although getting back into the rhythm of studying after working can be challenging, it gets easier the more you spend time studying. And if you’re worried about socializing, don’t! At first, I felt very awkward hanging out with people even 8 years younger than me. But, I have made great friends along the way. When it comes to studying for your Master’s, age is not a big deal.
Verdict: FALSE

Myth 3: You will not have free time if you study a Master’s

Studying at a top-rated university for sure is demanding. You will have to spend many hours at the library and between courses. However, there is enough time left to explore your personal interests. Whether you like spending your time on solo activities or sharing with friends, I can assure you, you will have the time for it. If we didn’t have that time at WUR, we wouldn’t be able to have the many clubs and associations there are.
Verdict: FALSE

Myth 4: Studying a Master’s is much more difficult than a Bachelor’s 

A Master’s and a Bachelor’s have different goals, but that doesn’t mean that a Master’s is much more difficult. A Bachelor’s is the starting requirement for many professional careers, and a Master’s is the continuation of your Bachelor’s in a more specialized field of your interest. The level of academic rigour is higher, but not more. Both levels require a certain level of discipline and responsibility, as well as critical and analytical thinking.
Verdict: FALSE

I hope my words help you at least a bit to take that leap of faith and start your Master’s!

By myrka

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