Applying for a PhD programme at Wageningen University

8 February 2023 | Category: Student life

Applying for a PhD programme at WUR can be a tad confusing. At least it was for me when I started reading about it. There are many ways of becoming part of this high-ranked university and research institution. But that only means there are many opportunities to be part of…

Cycling in The Netherlands: starter’s guide

20 December 2022 | Category: Student life

If you are an international student and you don’t come from a major cycling country like me, I am almost sure that cycling in The Netherlands seems like a huge step. But don’t worry! At the beginning I was very nervous too and now I go everywhere with my bike!…

Ways to be sustainable at Wageningen

8 September 2022 | Category: Student life

A definition that I really like for sustainability is the one used by the National Geographic Society, which says that “sustainability is the practice of using natural resources responsibly, so they can support both present and future generations”. In this sense, sustainability is something we do every day. Sustainability is…