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Bye, Ny-Ålesund!

By Online team WUR

– By: Isolde Puts –


Transporting our research equipment within the station. © Tinka Murk

The polar days in Ny-Ålesund passed by very fast. The focus during the last few days were on finishing the experiments, cleaning up in the labs, and storing our research equipment. And now we’re back home.

Midsummer celebration at Ny-Ålesund


Lighting the Olympic fire. © Suzanne Lubbe

Luckily I could celebrate the ending with the traditional Midsummer celebration arranged by the KingsBay community, which was in Olympic theme this year and held close to the harbour. The celebrations started with the lighting of the “Olympic fire”, which had been passed around in Ny-Ålesund by people in all kinds of outfits – anyone from skiers to sword carriers and a Jamaican bobsleigh team participated. The midsummer celebration was a success: on one side a big party and on the other side the beautiful bay with our curious harbour seal and even a humpback joined the scene. Also the weather was on our side.


Martine and Tinka camping at the northernmost campground of the world. © Martine van den Heuvel-Greve

Tinka en Martine left a few days earlier. After a short night in a tent at the northern most campground of the world in Longyearbyen they departed back to the Netherlands.

I planned to leave a few days after them, and this departure was even further postponed. Because of heavy fog the plane to Longyearbyen was cancelled and we had to stay another night up here! Going out was a too dangerous because a polar bear could appear unseen from the fog…

Thanks for the wonderful stay

Looking back we had a wonderful and productive time in Ny-Ålesund. Thanks all, inhabitants of the Dutch Arctic station and the Ny-Ålesund community, for a wonderful stay in Ny-Ålesund!

Blog_Spitsbergen_2016_10_foto_8, Ny-Ålesund!

The crew of the Dutch Arctic station in Ny-Ålesund in June 2016. From mid bottom clockwise: Paul Wenzel Geissler, Suzanne Lubbe, Marge de Jong, Jesse Jorna, Maarten Loonen, Martine van den Heuvel-Greve, Isolde Puts, Daniel Hitchcock and Tinka Murk. © Isolde Puts


Thanks for a great field work season! © Tinka Murk


Flowers blooming in polar summer. © Isolde Puts



Longyearbyen from air. © Tinka Murk


Heavy fog, but not on the ground making the glacier look even more beautiful. © Isolde Puts


By Online team WUR

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