To Arrange Before Arrival – introduction

By Chanoknun Wannasin

MSc student Earth and Environment...

When you are preparing to leave for the Netherlands, you are probably getting excited about your new journey, for some maybe even from the other half of the world. Congratulations if you are one of the newcomers! Now it’s time to prepare this big adventure. Have you started packing? Have you got a place to stay yet? Are you sure you are ready?

Preparation for traveling abroad with the study purpose is different from traveling on holidays since you will have to be away from home for a long time. More detailed and careful arrangement is needed in order to make sure that your new life abroad will go on smooth and you will enjoy both studying and living in the new environments.

I moved from Bangkok to Wageningen last year as a new Master student, and I still remember those times I was busy arranging everything for a move overseas. There were things I was thankful to myself for preparing it. Meanwhile, there were some other things I wish I knew or have done before leaving my home country, so that my life abroad would have been easier. I would like to share the preparation ideas based on my own experiences. Hopefully they can help you with your planning before arriving in Wageningen in the near future.

This article consist of 4 more parts, all about what to arrange before arrival;
things to do in advance
how to pack your life into the suitcases
preparing yourself

All will be on the International Student Blog soon, so keep an eye on this blog!


Extra information

In the meanwhile you can visit the website of Study in Holland to learn more about studying the Netherlands. Don’t forget to download the ‘Hoi Holland!’ app or the ‘Welcome App’ of Wageningen University.

I hope it gives you some ideas and you will start preparing now. The most important thing is that you are about to start the next chapter of your life. Being prepared will help you enrich your experience abroad. The great adventure awaits. Now it’s time to countdown. Don’t forget to visit this blog and read more about ‘To arrange before arrival’.


AID Wageningen

By Chanoknun Wannasin

MSc student Earth and Environment

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