Switching or even doing two degrees simultaneously?

My interests evolved… It can happen, that during your studies you realise that you are actually quite interested in another degree programme at the university than the one that you are currently studying. This is usually more common during your first/beginning of your second year of your initial degree choice….

Mistakes I made when moving to the Netherlands

23 November 2022 | Category: Student life

Sometimes when I scroll back on my camera roll to my first few months in the Netherlands, I tend to get a slight smile on my face. What a bittersweet feeling! I look back at all the mistakes I’ve made and things I have experienced, and no, it wasn’t an…

How to travel cheaply in Europe.

23 September 2022 | Category: Student life

The Netherlands. Central in Europe with excellent transport. Travelling across the border almost goes without question- the dreamy European cities are truly within reach! But, can you make your travelling dreams come true on a student budget? Planning is key The old rule seems to stay true, the sooner you…