Less fertiliser thanks to earthworms

4 December 2020 | Category: reflective essay on classroom management

Too much fertiliser impacts the environment. Fortunately, we can utilise the nutrients that are already available in the soil more efficiently, in keeping with circular agriculture. Wageningen scientists study the effect of earthworms on nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Earthworms eat both organic materials and soil particles and discharge…

Robot and human harvest together

6 November 2020 | Category: reflective essay on classroom management

Farmers aim to decrease the use of herbicides. But, there is insufficient labour available in both conventional and organic farming to remove weeds and harvest by hand. Wageningen researchers develop self-learning robots that pull weeds and harvest with increasing skill. Since humans and robots will likely increasingly work together in…

Combatting food crisis during and after corona

25 September 2020 | Category: reflective essay on classroom management

Since the corona outbreak, many day labourers in developing countries have lost their employment and, as a result, income. At the same time, the food supply is faltering, and prices are on the rise. Wageningen researchers, governments and development organisations are seeking solutions, such as corona-proofing markets and food transportation….