Things to do in Summer on a Student Budget

22 June 2023 | Category: Student life

With summer coming up, obviously we students would like to spend some time to rejuvenate from our past year of hard work. If like me, you are stuck here in the Netherlands due to tickets back home being waaay out of your budget, you may be wondering just how you…

Benefits of Caring for your Mental Health

alone in the new country
7 June 2023 | Category: Student life

Stress is no stranger to most university students. With the high amounts of work on our shoulders on top of a college student’s messy personal and social life, many may find it difficult to take care of their mental health and, worse, cause burnout. After spending almost 3 years thousands…

Tips for Living with Housemates

19 May 2023 | Category: Student life

As a follow up to the blog on student accommodation by Lidewij, I will be sharing a bit of my experience today on some tips on how to live with housemates… harmoniously. Chances are, on a student budget, you’ll end up living in a corridor with 6, 10 or even…

Visit us on Instagram!

3 May 2023 | Category: Student life

Looking for more updates from our university? Well, did you know that Wageningen University has its own Instagram page? In this day and age, I’m guessing you have an account on Instagram. Truthfully, I basically live on Instagram myself (as in I spend about 20% of my waking hours on…

Why You Should Visit an On-Campus Open Day

10 March 2023 | Category: Student life

Are you a prospective WUR student? If you are, I’m guessing you are curious about the campus, the student life, your day-to-day studies and everything in between. You’ve also probably checked out some versions of an online open day and although they are very informative and a great option if…

Doing the Joint Water Technology MSc: Daan Metz

18 January 2023 | Category: Education, Master's Student

Out of the many master’s Programs that Wageningen University offers, there is one that seems somewhat more daunting than the rest: the joint Water Technology degree. The degree is a joint effort of Wageningen University, the University of Twente and the University of Groningen and the program is carried out…

Working as a Student Assistant on the International Students Team

wur cycling
11 January 2023 | Category: Student life

To be completely honest, before joining the International Students Team, I was grasping to find bits of information about the position, as the job description was vastly different from the usual student assistant jobs that I’ve heard of. I tried reaching out to my friends regarding their experience working as…