Moving forward – What can we expect?

6 June 2020 | Category: Education

As normalcy returns slowly throughout the globe, we look to answer ‘What next?’.  While the answer to this is extremely subjective, this blog will hopefully give current and prospective students an outline of what WUR is planning. All through the crisis, as students we received continuous updates and support from…

Stuck at home? Here’s what I do!

29 April 2020 | Category: Student life

I totally need a break now!! URGHHH. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Each and everyone of us has probably said this atleast a couple of times in the past year, with a hundred things coming at us, not to mention the others that we let pile on 😛 Ever heard of…

Life of a Master’s Student in the Second year!!
11 December 2019 | Category: Education

Have you spent a year already in Wageningen? Is it time to move on to the last leg of your Master’s degree? Then this piece is for you!! The jump from the first to the second year is huge. Quite frankly, this is where you learn to gather your first…

What living in Haarweg is actually like!

23 October 2019 | Category: Housing

As  a student, moving to a new place to call home is a mammoth of a task. This initially seems impossible to do which is exactly how I felt when I first got a room in Haarweg. It is a popular housing option in Wageningen where loads of students stay….

How to maintain a balanced life in Wageningen!

28 July 2019 | Category: Student life

The Netherlands is placed sixth when it comes to “Countries with the Happiest people in the world”. For a country to unanimously be content with their lifestyle, balancing one’s personal life and work life is critical. Wageningen is a small and quaint place in the Netherlands. Though small, there is…

Life In A New Country

Scenario 1 : Imagine waking up one day in a completely new country about which you know nothing about! You don’t know where things are, what to do or where to go. You are an utter stranger. :O This is how some nightmares begin. Scenario 2 : Now imagine; A…