Summer thesis captivity camp

By: Annika Kloos · 26 July 2018
Category: Student life

While everyone was looking forward to the end of the semester and the beginning of the seven-week summer holidays, I was awaiting it with horror. For me, the end of the semester did not mean summer holidays, but just keeping on working on my thesis – just with less people…

Wageningen’s Trip Advisor

By: Annika Kloos · 18 July 2017
Category: Student life

Did you know that Wageningen is surrounded by extraordinary nature and the biggest national park of the Netherlands? Have you ever seen small sailing boats passing enormous tanks at the Rijn? If you negate at least one of the questions, you have to tie your hiking shoes or make your…

A smooth transition from University to career

student Wageningen3
By: Annika Kloos · 20 June 2017
Category: Education

This Monday, Wageningen University and Research gained one more student supporting platform: The Student Career Service. Only a couple of days after the opening, the Career Service organised their first big event – the Career Day for the Masters in Development Studies. How did this first event go and what…