European Workshop: A challenging and one of a kind course at WUR you should take!

By: Dissa Natria · 6 November 2019
Category: Education

European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management is a consultancy project course that allows students from four masters programmes to join. They are Environmental Sciences (MES), Urban Environmental Management (MUE), Tourism, Society and Environment (MTO), and Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management (MAM). The two months duration equals 12 credits. So, following…

First impressions of a Venezuelan girl at WUR

By: Arianna · 3 November 2019
Category: Student life

In December of 2018, I finished my Bachelor’s on Geophysical Engineering in Venezuela. After graduating, I decided to come to WUR to study a Master’s degree in Earth and Environment, specifically Hydrology. Why here? If you are interested in water, the Netherlands is the best place to go for you….

‘Bright’ Brightspace!

By: Dissa Natria · 30 October 2019
Category: Education

When I started my master programme at Wageningen University, the first thing I was amazed by is the e-learning platform, Blackboard. During my bachelor, my university did not use an e-learning platform or learning management system (LMS). I remembered before the new semester started, we were too busy to ask…

What living in Haarweg is actually like!

By: Shriya · 23 October 2019
Category: Housing

As  a student, moving to a new place to call home is a mammoth of a task. This initially seems impossible to do which is exactly how I felt when I first got a room in Haarweg. It is a popular housing option in Wageningen where loads of students stay….

Student Psycologist Interview “keep the balance between work and social life” by Madhu

By: Ester · 20 October 2019
Category: Tips and advice for studying in Wageningen

An interview with Ineke Leenders was done before the summer break. Ineke is a student psychologist working at the Student Medical Center in the Nexus building right across ‘Het Restaurant van de Toekomst’ (Impulse). Visiting the student psychologists is free of charge and all contact between students and student psychologists…

My ASP scholarship journey (Africa Scholarship Program)

By: Ester · 6 October 2019
Category: Student life

Emmanuel Nyame, selected from 1500 applicants for the Africa Scholarship Program, shares with us his experience towards Wageningen University and Research. This program allowed him to start the Food Safety Master and the big opportunity to stay in a foreign country. Be inspired by the story below.     MY…

Student accommodation in Wageningen is scarce: Follow this steps to deal with it

An escalating number of international students at Wageningen University and Research is not followed by the increase in student accommodation offers. It creates a problem where many students cannot get their housings right before the academic year starts. It  causes stress among newly international students as they need to find…

MOOCs – WUR Free courses online

By: Ester · 22 September 2019
Category: Education

Take a free online course in order to prepare your studies, get to know Wageningen University & Research and receive credits!   Did you know that the WUR offers, completely free of charge, online courses? MOOCs or Massive Open and Online courses are free courses that anyone can become part of…

Brexit impact on current and prospective WUR students

By: Ester · 15 September 2019
Category: Application

Impact of Brexit on current and prospective students The consequences of Brexit for prospective UK student or for WUR student will cause an impact. Therefore, the concerns and thought of our students are of high relevance. We asked the opinion, from a personal perspective, from a student enrolled at WUR…

“Picture speaks thousand words”: Captured moments and places in Wageningen during my first year

As a new student, everything in my surrounding seems new. The buildings, the cycling experience, eating new foods…..Well, I am sure I can make this list longer. I tried to take photos of some moments, especially as a new student. Sometimes, I posted my photos on Instagram and other social…

Have you heard of this?

By: Varsha · 11 August 2019
Category: Master's Student, Student life

What programme? Hello, I am a student from the master programme “Climate studies”. It is a course to tackle Anthropocene climate change. What is Anthropocene? :O Relating to or denoting the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and…

The European Workshop Course

By: Arun Krishna · 4 August 2019
Category: Education, Master's Student

The European Workshop Course Hello there! This blog post speaks about what one can expect from one of the restricted optional courses offered by Wageningen. This course is the European Workshop for Environmental Sciences and Management. This workshop is restricted for master’s students from the following backgrounds. MES       Environmental Sciences…

How to maintain a balanced life in Wageningen!

By: Shriya · 28 July 2019
Category: Student life

The Netherlands is placed sixth when it comes to “Countries with the Happiest people in the world”. For a country to unanimously be content with their lifestyle, balancing one’s personal life and work life is critical. Wageningen is a small and quaint place in the Netherlands. Though small, there is…

Nano, Socius

By: Varsha · 15 July 2019
Category: Housing

Imagine coming to new country and you do not have your own place to stay! That was my start at Wageningen 🙂 As soon as I accepted my application, I simultaneously began to look for a place to stay. I have heard stories about the insufficient housing situation at Wageningen….