How to survive your Master Thesis

5 January 2022 | Category: Master's Student, Student life

Updated on: 10 January 2023 After finishing coursework in the first study year, the next step to fulfil the requirements of a master’s degree at Wageningen University is to conduct an individual thesis project. For many students, doing research sounds fascinating yet frustrating, especially if it is their first master’s…

Earning credits (ECTS) at Wageningen University & Research

15 December 2021 | Category: Education

Earning credits or study points are an important aspect of your studies. You might be used to only getting grades, but at university, you have to earn credits. With these credits, you can finish a course and eventually earn your degree. What credits are and how it works we will…

New on campus: Aurora

30 September 2021 | Category: Education, Student life

There’s a new kid in town. The newest education building Aurora is finished. The building is already being used by our new students since the beginning of this month but will celebrate its official opening on 30 September. Unique about Aurora is the daylight in all areas of use and…

Top 5 places to explore around Wageningen

Pictures from cycling around Wageningen
22 September 2021 | Category: Student life

Exploring Wageningen and it’s surroundings is a nice way to get settled into a new environment. Wageningen itself has a nice market, cafes and beautiful surroundings. So it’s not hard to survive life in the city. But if you are willing to go a bit further out by foot, bike,…

BSc Student Greta shares her experiences

13 September 2021 | Category: Bachelor's student, Student life

Since Greta studies at WUR she loves ‘hagelslag’. Want to know which Dutch traditions she also enjoys? Watch her video below or read her story. Thank you for sharing your experiences Greta! First of all, could you introduce yourself? “I am Greta from Lithuania. Now I am 23 years old….

Summer in Wageningen

14 July 2021 | Category: Student life

Summertime is a happy time Coming to the Netherlands made me realise that people here treat a sunny day as if it is their last. People try to take advantage of every chance to enjoy the sun while it lasts. In this post, I’m going to walk you through how…