Go get your internship!

By: isnaw001 · 15 January 2020
Category: The University, Tips and advice

While some universities do not oblige their students to do an internship, the opposite is true for Wageningen University.  In this university, an internship program is highly required by MSc students in order to complete their master study. This program intends to support personal development while at the same time…

Student Story – Coenraad

By: Ester · 7 January 2020
Category: Student life, Wageningen & Surroundings

Every 2 weeks I ask a fellow student to tell me more about studying at Wageningen University & Research. How do they experience studying here? How do they spend their spare time? This time I talked to Coenraad, a bachelor’s student, who you might already know from the student tour…

Happy New year 2020!

By: Ester · 1 January 2020
Category: The University

Happy New Year 2020 everyone! International Students Blog Team wishes you a wonderful new year, with plenty strength and perseverance that will take you to heights of success in your studies. We wish to see you this 2020 in Wageningen starting either your masters or Bachelors.  Wageningen University & Research…

Student story – Albert

By: Ester · 23 December 2019
Category: Student life, Wageningen & Surroundings

This weeks student experience* tells the story of Albert. Who you might already know from the student tour at ood.wur.nl Good to talk to you, Albert! First of all, could you give a short introduction of yourself? “Hi! I am Albert Gomez, I am 23 years old and I come…

Leaving Wageningen after Graduation: Interview with Adiska (WUR Alumni 2018)

By: Siti Widyastuti Noor · 18 December 2019
Category: Student life, Tips and advice

As international students, moving home after graduating from Wageningen University is not always easy. In this post, we will discuss leaving Wageningen after graduation and  ‘reverse culture shock’: an emotional feeling suffered by some people after several years living abroad. Have you started wondering how it feels when you start…

My first exams at WUR

By: Arianna · 15 December 2019
Category: Exams

Day one, first period and my only worry was the final exam. Luckily, one of my subjects was only about projects, but the other one its final grade was based on a final exam (50%). Every day at classes the only thing I could think about was how bad/well I will…

Life of a Master’s Student in the Second year!!

By: Shriya · 11 December 2019
Category: Education

Have you spent a year already in Wageningen? Is it time to move on to the last leg of your Master’s degree? Then this piece is for you!! The jump from the first to the second year is huge. Quite frankly, this is where you learn to gather your first…

Student Story – Greta

By: Ester · 10 December 2019
Category: Student life, Wageningen & Surroundings

This week’s student experience tells the story of Greta. Who you might already know from the student tour at ood.wur.nl. Thank you for sharing your experiences Greta! First of all, could you introduce yourself? “I am Greta from Lithuania. Now I am 21 years old. It is my second year…