Dutch Meetings & breaks 🥜🥂

By: Ester · 6 May 2020
Category: Dutch culture

Once you have successfully moved and found a job in the Netherlands, the next step is to meet Dutch business culture. It is known that Dutch employees work independently, but they are very fond of meetings. Usually, meetings are informal, although the schedule is strictly respected. Impunctuality is seen as impolite….

Master’s Open Day – WUR

By: Monika Saradha · 3 May 2020
Category: Incoming students, The University

With the recent Covid-19 situation, Wageningen University didn’t fall short of missing out on providing the most for the incoming students.The Master’s Open Day was conducted online on the 30th of April 2020. A number of student representatives were present live on social media platforms to answer questions from the…

Stuck at home? Here’s what I do!

By: Shriya · 29 April 2020
Category: Student life

I totally need a break now!! URGHHH. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Each and everyone of us has probably said this atleast a couple of times in the past year, with a hundred things coming at us, not to mention the others that we let pile on 😛 Ever heard of…

WUR Master Open Day goes Online! – 30th of April 2020

By: Ester · 19 April 2020
Category: Exams

This year the Master’s Open Day will be online. Due to COVID-19 outbreak WUR campus remains under lockdown. However, we are still planning to show the university, its opportunities & offers to prospective students. During the Online Master’s Open Day we will do our best to introduce you to WUR, its…

WUR prospective student from Italy

By: Ester · 15 April 2020
Category: Exams

Luca is a prospective student from Italy. After his Bachelor’s degree, he’d like to come to Wageningen and start the master in Food Technology. We are aware that this tough situation has brought a lot of uncertainties and issues regarding application processes. However, we are sure that all the measures taken…

Internship & COVID-19 situations

By: Ester · 12 April 2020
Category: Exams, The University, Tips and advice

I’m Monika from India, right now in my second year Masters Food Technology. Since I’m in my internship phase, I moved out of Netherlands by end of February. At that point things were still normal around campus. I moved to Belgium for my internship where I started working from 4th…

How the virus outbreak affected Anis

By: Ester · 7 April 2020
Category: Exams, Student life

How the virus outbreak affected me I am Anis Purwaningsih, student of the master programme on Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University and Research. I come from Indonesia; a country located in the tropical area. For me, having the experience to study aboard in a four-season country is a dream come…