How do I feel the culture difference

By: Ting · 28 June 2020
Category: Dutch culture

Hey there! My name is Ting, a 22-year-old Chinese girl. As I am now sitting in front of my laptop, thinking what should I write for my first blog, those pieces of memories regarding culture differences that I experienced come into my mind, which I would like to share with…

Looking for accommodation

By: Ester · 25 June 2020
Category: Housing

Of course Coronavirus left us with so many questions. Next year will go online? Will the university do all the courses online? DO I have to move to The Netherlands? It has been almost 3 months since the World Health Organization declared coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international…

Student Experience: Joining Free EdX Courses

By: Siti Widyastuti Noor · 22 June 2020
Category: WUR Courses

Have you ever heard of MOOC? It stands for Massive Open and Online Courses. As Wageningen Students, we can get free access to several courses with different topics, from food technology to animal sciences. These courses are developed by Professors from Wageningen University & Research and are based on the…