Tips & Tops to prepare for the admission process at Wageningen University

Deciding to study a Masters’s or Bachelors’s programme is a big decision in anyone’s life, as this decision has the potential to shape our future. So, naturally, we are very careful and even hesitant in choosing just the right study program and university. After you decide where and what to…

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Why You Should Visit an On-Campus Open Day

10 March 2023 | Category: Student life

Are you a prospective WUR student? If you are, I’m guessing you are curious about the campus, the student life, your day-to-day studies and everything in between. You’ve also probably checked out some versions of an online open day and although they are very informative and a great option if…

Applying ‘Huurtoeslag’ or rent subsidy in the Netherlands

Updated on: March 8, 2023 by Kiara Rachman Finding student accommodation can be pretty challenging for international and Dutch students alike. Even after you stumble upon the perfect one, you probably would still have a bunch of concerns such as whether or not the rent fits your budget or if…

Making friends in a new city

1 March 2023 | Category: Student life

Our student Ditro tells us about his experiences making new friends in Wageningen. For him, the Annual Introduction Days (AID) were a fun way to learn about student associations and meet fellow students from different cultures.  His advice is to allow yourself to hear the stories people want to tell…

Applying for a PhD programme at Wageningen University

8 February 2023 | Category: Student life

Applying for a PhD programme at WUR can be a tad confusing. At least it was for me when I started reading about it. There are many ways of becoming part of this high-ranked university and research institution. But that only means there are many opportunities to be part of…

How to Prepare for English Exams (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)

wageningen university student studying

When you decide to do a master’s or bachelor’s programme in another country, one of the first things that you have to check is the language requirement(s). At Wageningen University & Research (WUR), all Master’s programmes and 7 Bachelor’s programmes are taught entirely in English. Therefore, the university requires potential…

Doing the Joint Water Technology MSc: Daan Metz

18 January 2023 | Category: Education, Master's Student

Out of the many master’s Programs that Wageningen University offers, there is one that seems somewhat more daunting than the rest: the joint Water Technology degree. The degree is a joint effort of Wageningen University, the University of Twente and the University of Groningen and the program is carried out…

Working as a Student Assistant on the International Students Team

11 January 2023 | Category: Student life

To be completely honest, before joining the International Students Team, I was grasping to find bits of information about the position, as the job description was vastly different from the usual student assistant jobs that I’ve heard of. I tried reaching out to my friends regarding their experience working as…

What to do during your Christmas holiday break?

21 December 2022 | Category: Student life

As we move further into December, the holiday spirit is hard to ignore. Starting from Sinterklass and pepernoten to the sweet smell of warm glühwein (a.k.a. mulled wine). The merriness is just around the corner! As a student, especially at Wageningen University & Research, the days can get quite hectic….

Cycling in The Netherlands: starter’s guide

20 December 2022 | Category: Student life

If you are an international student and you don’t come from a major cycling country like me, I am almost sure that cycling in The Netherlands seems like a huge step. But don’t worry! At the beginning I was very nervous too and now I go everywhere with my bike!…

Mistakes I made when moving to the Netherlands

23 November 2022 | Category: Student life

Sometimes when I scroll back on my camera roll to my first few months in the Netherlands, I tend to get a slight smile on my face. What a bittersweet feeling! I look back at all the mistakes I’ve made and things I have experienced, and no, it wasn’t an…

My first-year corridor experience

29 September 2022 | Category: Student life

More often than not, the second most important question that comes to mind after sorting out the question of which school you would like to study is where you would live. Living in a nice and serene accommodation contributes immensely to the unforgettable memories we build during our student life….

How to travel cheaply in Europe.

23 September 2022 | Category: Student life

The Netherlands. Central in Europe with excellent transport. Travelling across the border almost goes without question- the dreamy European cities are truly within reach! But, can you make your travelling dreams come true on a student budget? Planning is key The old rule seems to stay true, the sooner you…

Ways to be sustainable at Wageningen

8 September 2022 | Category: Student life

A definition that I really like for sustainability is the one used by the National Geographic Society, which says that “sustainability is the practice of using natural resources responsibly, so they can support both present and future generations”. In this sense, sustainability is something we do every day. Sustainability is…