Different yet the Same My first ever solo trip to Germany was in Feb. A lot of countries including Belgium, Germany, France, London are quite accessible from the Netherlands. I would choose to go by the bus or train for sustainability reasons. Mental health is a tricky topic to write about…

Run, Barry, Run

By: Madhumeetha B · 22 May 2019
Category: Student life

One step away from being a Superhero As a huge fan of The Flash, I took it upon me to pursue running at least for the sake of masking myself as a superhero. In my previous piece, I shared my experience on how mental health is fragile. It is quite…

Why do we miss?

iGem Natalia WUR

The continuous verb tense of the word missing already shows its progressive aspect. I am more than sure that; the pressure felt in the middle of the chest when someone you were used to be with is not there anymore; could never be more alive overtime. Missing is more than…

100th Time Is A Charm

By: Madhumeetha B · 17 April 2019
Category: Student life

The Beginning 14 th, August 2018 at 5 AM there were butterflies in my stomach. Everything was set yet the feeling I was really going to leave my home, my friends, my family and the most important of all, the food had not sunk in. With friends demanding I shed a…

A life with chapters

student Lizzie
By: Lizzie Richardson · 3 April 2019
Category: Student life

I am currently sitting on the floor at LAX Airport waiting for my flight. Unlike all the other times I have boarded a plane over the last two years this plane isn’t going somewhere new, it is going somewhere very old. The plane is flying for 17 hours across an…