Emmaus Regenboog

iGem Natalia WUR

Have you heard about the second-hand shop of Wageningen? Have you walked through Wageningen on a Saturday while having a look at the market? If you have not discovered yet, the Emmaus Regenboog Second Hand shop of Wageningen is a must! What can I find in Emmaus? In Emmaus, you…

Spinning at Wageningen

iGem Natalia WUR
9 January 2019 | Category: Student life

If there is something you can’t avoid in Wageningen is the bike. Leaving home means cycling. No matter whether you are going to the university to attend a lecture, to the city center to have a coffee or to the super market to do shopping, you will have to take…

Do you want to make an impact?

iGem Natalia WUR

Wageningen University is certainly the best university to focus your academic carrier on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. Wageningen University research and education are based on a fundamental scientific approach whose work is strongly connected with governments and the business community. But are you just looking forward to…

A weekend in Berlin

iGem Natalia WUR
21 November 2018 | Category: Student life

Although Wageningen is a nice place to spend a weekend and chill with some friends, sometimes it feels too tiny. As you might know, reaching different places around Wageningen is sometimes hard. Last weekend I wanted to travel a bit without spending too much money on it. That its actually possible…

Online Open Day 2018

iGem Natalia WUR
3 October 2018 | Category: Student life

Welcome to Wageningen! Are you considering Wageningen as your future university? Would you like to know what could you expect when studying in Wageningen? Join us online on the Online Open Day on Friday 19 October and experience the university for a day.   What to expect During the Online Open…

Download the WUR W’App

iGem Natalia WUR
12 September 2018 | Category: Student life

Arriving to Wageningen is by far the hardest task I had to accomplish in my entire Erasmus. For many students, getting used to all the new systems and people is extremelly hard. There is a lot of new information which become hard to process while dealing with you new courses….

A Day in the Life;Thesis at a company

iGem Natalia WUR
11 June 2018 | Category: Student life

If you are interested in Molecular Life Science master, you are probably also curious about how would be doing your thesis at a company. Is research done in the same manner? Are time schedules the same? Do I use my free time in the same way as I did while…

Bevrijdingsdag 2018

iGem Natalia WUR
15 May 2018 | Category: Student life

As each year, The Netherlands celebrated the Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag in Dutch). This celebration takes place each year the 5th of May. This day commemorates the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during the World War II. What happened the 5th of May (Bevrijdingsdag ) On the 5th of…

Kingsday 2018

iGem Natalia WUR
8 May 2018 | Category: Student life

Koningsdag or Kingsday is a national holiday celebrated in The Netherlands. This holiday is celebrated the 27th of April. This celebration represents the birth of the Willem-Alexander This holiday its known for its freemarket (vrijmarkt  in dutch) where the Dutch sell their second hand items. However, Kingsday is more known for its light…

Calçotada in Wageningen

iGem Natalia WUR
10 April 2018 | Category: Student life

Even if I am not catalan, I was looking forward to share the event that took place last Saturday (7th of April) in Droevendaal. This was the first Saturday of the year we enjoyed 21ºC and around 300 people joined to this catalan event that receives the name of calçotada…

100 years later

iGem Natalia WUR
11 March 2018 | Category: Student life

Were you too busy to figure out what happened in Wageningen during the 100 years? Did you miss the birthday of our university and are you wondering how did we celebrate it? Thursday 8th of March This Thursday I had the chance to assist to the “CRISPR-Cas from evolution to…

100 years WUR

iGem Natalia WUR
5 March 2018 | Category: Student life

Do you want to miss the most well-known birthday of the year? I hope and guess no, therefore you should already note the date and check the event (100 years). Next March 9th 2018, Wageningen will celebrate the 100th Dies Natalis. This event will be the beginning of Wageningen’s birthday…

Wageningen has precipitated

iGem Natalia WUR
2 March 2018 | Category: Student life

One kind word can warm this winter month; Snow. Many people were stressing out as February was arriving to its end and no snow was placed on the grass yet. At its very very end, February gave us a little bit of snow on the 28th. We woke up with -5…

I’ve been diagnose of BHS (Broken Heart Syndrome)

iGem Natalia WUR
23 February 2018 | Category: Student life

“Believe me, when he left I felt a profound chest pain whose explanation I was not able to explain” Actually this chest pain can come together with ST segment abnormalities and transient left ventricular apical ballooning without coronary artery obstructive disease. This syndrome is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TTC) and luckily…


iGem Natalia WUR
16 February 2018 | Category: Student life

If you like singing, drinking and dancing while wearing a colorful outfit, you should have gone to celebrate carnival in the south of The Netherlands. As a second time in my life, I’ve travelled to the south of our amazing country to enjoy this party. During my Erasmus year, I…